Stress Buster Destinations after School Exams

After a long and stressful spell of school life, you probably are looking for something more exciting and soothing to have in your life. The time is near when you will be free from all the worries in the world of studying, preparing for exams, making your daily schedule and what not. Some of you might want to spend the remaining days after the exams in sleeping and having some time to relax. Although, there is a massive number of people who love to spend this glorious days in other ways. In case, you too a travel junkie and looking forward for a stunning post-exam vacation with friends or family, we have a proper range of exciting places that you will love to explore and cover the basic aspects of the life that went missing due to these exams. So, without any delay, we are bringing to you stress buster destinations after school exams.

Jim Corbett National Park for Wildlife Exploration

For kids living in the north of India and looking for some wilderness exposure to flex their lungs with fresh air and soothing terrains, the wildlife exploration in Jim Corbett National Park can be a great option. Spread in an area of over 1300 square kilometres, Jim Corbett is a delightful combination of rain water canals, long stretches of dense forests, abundant types of mountains and spectacular array of flora and fauna. Furthermore, the luxurious accommodation options spread across the outskirts of the national park offer a budget-friendly experience of stays. With some great range of fauna including international migrating birds, exquisite predators like bears, tigers, crocodiles, foxes, deer, snakes, jackals and many more creatures venturing around in their natural habitat, you will easily be able to catch some great adventurous moments if you time it right. After exams are the perfect time to witness the rich wilderness through the wildlife safari available at a nominal cost. So, if you love to be amidst the natural beauty, this place can solve your purpose.

Ellora Caves for Ancient History

India is a hub of ancient history and caves of Ellora in Aurangabad will be a great option to explore. For history buffs who enjoy being surrounded by the thousands of years old of heritage and ancient history, Ellora Caves can be proven as a paradise in caves. With sculptures carved on the rocks of the caves are something that you will love to enjoy. Moreover, the formation created through the caves is so brilliant that you can easily witness the beauty and fine artistry of the ancient artists without any torch light and even during the days when the skies are clouded. With hundreds of sculptures carved across the walls of the caves, you can spend hours and even days admiring the beauty and charm of this stunning attraction. Also, the exquisite natural terrain covering the borders of the caves will offer you a scenic background to capture some delightful moments that you will never forget.

Rishikesh for Adventure Lovers

Without any doubt, if there is one thing that has allured the kids more than anything, it is the white-water river rafting. And there is no place better in India that can offer an adventurous experience like Rishikesh. The banks of river Ganga spread across the Rishikesh are known across the world for its spectacular river rafting experiences. Although, nirvana seekers may find the spiritual hubs across the Rishikesh more apt to decide a holiday here, but the truth is, the kids will love to be indulging themselves in the thrilling activities available here. From rafting to bungee jumping, paragliding, rock climbing and ziplining are a few things that will be adored by you. Additionally, the quick accessibility from Delhi and Dehradun Airport will be great to plan a trip here from any part of the country without spending a good fortune on your accommodation option.

Bikaner for Gastronomical Pleasantries

Rajasthan is a wonderful state and in recent years, the craze towards the gastronomical delights the array of cities in Rajasthan among kids has been witnessed that has resulted into increased number of tourism by families on the demands of kids. The city like Bikaner has been a captivating indulgence for the food lovers and if you are looking for a cool-down place to enjoy some great dishes with the family after the exams, then you will surely find the city of Bikaner a wonderful escape option. Bikaner has been a great name among tourists for its snacks and spicy foods and if you too are loving the features this amazing city has to offer, then you must plan a trip here with your loved ones. With great weather conditions during the month of March and April, you will find the city at its best with fewer crowd, better conditions for outdoor work and stunning range of attractions that goes perfectly with the gastronomy available here.

Goa for a Laid-Back Holiday

Probably the most obvious choice and highly in demand, Goa is a perfect way to end the school year and ooze out the stress after a long schedule of hard work and studies. With the exotic beaches, wonderful shacks, ample of activities and pristine landscapes available across the Goa, you can have a perfect and blissful holiday with your friends and family. Furthermore, this time of the year observes fewer crowd, less humidity, more joy and ample of cultural festivals going around in Goa. In addition, the cost of a holiday in Goa during this time of the year will surely amaze you and give you plenty of reasons to plan a trip here more often. Also, such trips can give you a great reason to update your social media status, profile pictures and plenty of images that can make you look cooler and gain more popularity among your friend circle.

Despite abundant number of places spread across the country and beyond like Himachal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Kashmir and North-East, there are only a few places that can solve the purpose of your travel and cater your needs to steer away from all the stress and worries for a short time. The places we have given you above are among the best destinations in their respective areas and when it comes to having a travel with your friends or family, these places can surely give you a budget-friendly experience through its reasonable accommodation options and spectacular luxury available at cheaper prices. So, complete your exams with a goal of planning a travel with your loved ones and get the motivation with the visuals. In case, you are looking for some wonderful holiday packages in your preferred travel dates, you can get in touch with and reserve your discounted holiday packages for students, families, friends and groups.

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