Northeast India - Paradise Unexplored

India is a vast country and nearly all of it is well explored by both natives as well as tourists from abroad. However, there is a region that is vastly adored yet a major part of it is yet to be explored by frequent travellers. The region known as the Seven Sister States, North-East of India is a massive stretch area spanning in a total area of over 2 lakh square kilometres and cover a range of terrains including the mountains, valleys, steep rocks, plains, waterfalls, dense forests, exotic wilderness and more. Many avid travellers find these states great to get the high from the off-beat places and explore new terrains in total. With the help of these experts, we have brought to you a list of places in Northeast India that are known to be the Paradise Unexplored.

Majuli, Assam

About Majuli:
Locally known as Majoli, this small river island amidst the Brahmaputra River in Assam is among the most fascinating landscape in the region. The fresh-water islands of Majuli have been majorly isolated from the tourists and other outside disturbance since the beginning. The purity of nature can easily be witnessed by the tourists who are willing to walk extra miles with the intention of preserving it whilst being drenched in the simplicity and charming dynamics of this place.
Best Time to Visit:
The ideal time to visit Majuli will be between October and March when the winter season makes the surrounding less humid and tone downs the high temperature. The months of April, and September are considered to be shoulder tourism period with moderate rain and a tad high humidity.
How to Reach:
For tourists who are amazed by the beauty and features written above, they can take a train ride from Guwahati to Jorhat City and get a cab from there to reach here. Majuli is located at 20 kilometres from Jorhat City and many transport options are available from the city to get a comfortable trip.
Best Features:
Many people don’t know, that Majuli is recognized as the biggest river island in the world and have been a subject to attraction among people who are keenly interested in studying such unique features.

Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

About Dzukou Valley:
Dzukou Valley is one of the finest valleys nestled amidst the states of Nagaland and Manipur, featuring a dense forest and loads of fascinating attributes. Ideal for natural bliss seekers and wandering souls, this tempting stretch of valley has been a great catch for off-beat travellers exploring the peaceful valleys and remote areas with nothing but the purity of nature and ancient ways of native lifestyle. The valley is well explored by the natives and the mowed by the native walkers will give you paths to stroll around and get lost in the depth of nature.

Best Time to Visit:
The best time to avoid any touristy crowd with perfect weather conditions will be between September and March when the humidity at its minimum and soothing skies will give you ample of time to explore. Summers are also great if you can dodge the rainy days that can bring dense rains for days.

How to Reach:
Reaching to Dzukou Valley is really an adventurous experience and natural trekkers will find it extremely amusing. If you have a taste for rainforests and know your way in and out, it will be a piece of cake. Dimapur railway station is the closest point to the Dzukou valley and connectivity is frequent from the state capital Kohima.

Best Features:
The simplicity and rawness of the nature has been the biggest highlight and an attribute that makes it different and special from the rest of the world. The whimsical surroundings and vast stretch of nothing but wilderness and nature gives a perfect ambience to feel disconnected with the distractions of the world and reconnect with your inner self.

Tura, Meghalaya

About Tura:
Known to be one of the largest towns in the state of Meghalaya, Tura is a pristine hill station destination, ideally popular among avid tourists for its enchanting terrains and spellbinding cultural richness. The fascination of nature and isolation from the rest of the world makes it a special place to explore and have a quality time to off-beat paths.
Best Time to Visit:
The rainforest terrains around the town of Tura makes this small hill station ideal to explore throughout the year especially if you can take some hard spells of rain in the region. Winters are pleasantly cool and perfect to visit this part of India. Summers are hot and humid, yet bearable and the monsoon season can offer the best views of all time of the natural landscapes.

How to Reach:
The only connectivity to Tura with the rest of the world is by road. Since, there is no railway station, you have to take a road trip from Shillong. Shillong Airport is widely connected with the rest of the major cities of India and cheap flights can be booked.

Best Features:
Tura is all about natural bliss and cultural attributes. For those who are planning a trip here can find the Tura Peak, Pelga Falls, Nokrek National Park, Rongbang Dar Waterfalls, Balpakram National Park and Siju Caves the best places to explore.

Tsomgo, Sikkim

About Tsomgo:
Before winter ends, people start planning to  head towards Ladakh, but those who know about Tsomgo Lake, this place can surely give them a much better, less crowded and serene view of the frozen lakes, dense snowfall and ample of unspoilt natural bliss. With plenty of winter terrains and delightful natural landscapes that are not tempered by the human presence, Tsomgo Lake can be a great option to go off-grid.

Best Time to Visit:
There is no bad time to visit Tsomgo and it entirely dependent on what sort of experiences you would like to have. For people looking for some glacier fun with awesome scenery, December to February can play out the best. For people looking for a lush natural bliss, Tsomgo will be perfect between March and June and from October till December.

How to Reach:
The trip to Tsomgo will begin after reaching to Gangtok which is the closest big city from Tsomgo and take a ride in bus or rental car/cab to Tsomgo which will take nearly 2 hours.

Best Features:
The best thing about Tsomgo is there is no fancy activity and everything is related with the nature. You can enjoy plenty of trekking, walking around the lake, exploring the natural terrains and an extremely beautiful ride on a yak or mule.

Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

About Ziro Valley:
A picturesque town in the Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro is a blissful blend of nature and captivating yet down to earth lifestyle. The valley is a promising off-beat attraction with plenty of lodging options and exquisite landscapes to explore.

Best Time to Visit:
The ideal time to explore the Ziro valley is between October to June when the gorgeous landscapes of the surrounding area observe the winter and summer season and give the best views, ideal to explore the outdoors and terrains. Monsoon is also pleasant if you can avoid or enjoy the small spells of rain in this part of Arunachal Pradesh.

How to Reach:
Reaching Ziro is easy and you can take flights to Jorhat which is nearly 8 hours of drive away from the valley. You can also take train to Naharalagurh or Lakhmipur that are less than 120kms away from the valley and can be reached using the buses and other modes of transportation.

Best Features:
The surrounding of Ziro valley lush with abundant diverse and unique  features including the Kile Pakho Ridge, Midey forest, Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Meghna Cave Temple, Dilopolyang Maniipolyang Hillock, Pine Grove, Dolo Mando and many more.

Despite massively different from each other, there is one thing that is extremely common among these seven sister states and that would be the sacred off-beat paths that have treasured the unique range of attributes and have treasured the purity of either nature, culture or both. The fascination of Northeast India has been among the top reasons why people enjoy planning a trip here of all sorts. Be it a solo excursion to find solidarity or a honeymoon amidst some dreamy surroundings, a group travel to get some adrenaline rush or some quality photoshoots, the incredible beauty of this part of the world is absolutely fantastic and diverse to be explored by everyone. So, pack your bags and get going on a voyage that has the potential to give your life a new meaning and help broadening your thought spectrum. And don't forget to get your travel plans booked with to save a lot on your travel reservations with luxurious and tempting services.

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