Best islands of the world for vacations

The beauty of the beaches is something that is nearly impossible to be described in mere words. The tranquillity and charm found across the coastal stretches is simply beyond imagination and being their can probably the best feeling in the world for many of us. From sandy shores to crystal clear waters that is found at vivid places, fascinating backdrops, accommodation options at shores or within the ocean and much more are a few things that we all dream about a perfect vacation. Although, beaches in India are not something that we ideally fantasize when it comes to a beach vacation, there are certainly plenty of other islands around the globe that can make your dream come true and even make it more astounding. So, here we are, giving you a list of Best islands of the world for vacations that can give you the most amazing getaway experience with your near and dear ones.

The Cook Islands

The exquisite beauty of the island nation of Cook Island is absolutely pristine and gorgeous. Nestled as an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, this magnificent group of islands has been a great catch for tourists from distinct parts of the world. Offering white-sand beaches, bewitching mountain backdrops, fabulous terrains, crystal clear waters, coral reefs and much more are among a few reasons why tourists enjoy planning a holiday here. Being a touristy destination and fewer population, the flights to Cook Island are easy to get and are comparatively cheap. Furthermore, the beauty of the accommodation here is world-class and one can easily get all the luxury and comfort required for a ravishing beach holiday.

Santorini, Greece

Holidays in Greece has been in the travel bucket list of most of us for a while and for a good reason. With some panoramic cities and exquisite heritage, the nation has been in the travel buzz for a very long time. However, there is one place in particular that can give you all the luxury, comfort and delights you may require with world-class beauty of nature and culture and that will be Santorini. Santorini is an absolute artistry of the mankind with an abundant features hidden amidst its blue and white painted structures. Offering an utterly beautiful sunset, ideal for romantic couples, outstanding heritage beauty and awe-inspiring lifestyle has brought this island in the top 5 list of our best islands in the world for holiday. Furthermore, the accommodation options here are extremely luxurious and stylish, making your holiday a pleasant delight you will never forget.


The Caribbean region is highly popular in the west for a beach holiday and among all the island countries and regions, Aruba can surely beat them all. The white-sand beaches, exquisite backdrops, stunning culture and awe-inspiring lifestyle has always been a great catch for the tourists to enjoy a captivating trip in the region. With abundant range of resorts that can go from budget to luxury depending on your budget, holidays in Aruba can surely take away all the stress and offer a trip to remember for the rest of your lives. Furthermore, the array of activities available here including but not limited to the windsurfing, kiteboarding, surfing, sailing, fishing and more can be best suitable for solo, couple, family and friends trip in this part of the world. So, if you are looking for a holiday on island with awesome activities and stunning backdrops that can complement your luxurious accommodation experiences in the Caribbean region, you can select Aruba without thinking twice.

Bali, Indonesia

Arguably the most hyped island holiday destination in the South East Asian region as well as among the most desired honeymoon destinations in the world, Bali is truly a fascinating beach island offering a range of captivating and alluring features. Formerly known as the spiritual hub in the region, Bali has now become a touristy destination with an abundant range of sightseeing experiences and activities. Home to a massive stretch of wilderness making a perfect habitat for native flora and fauna, this part of the world is all about natural experiences and spiritual activities. Furthermore, the luxurious resorts and hotel properties spanning across the island have been offering a pleasant experiences of staying and having a quality holiday in this part of the world. So, if you are looking for a beach that can offer you all the natural experiences with a brief disconnection from all the earthly worries and stress, then Bali can be your next destination.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Probably among the lesser known islands in the world featuring the unique, unspoilt and utterly beautiful features, Zanzibar Island is a majestic treat with loads of potential activities and attributes. A small region off-shore from the Tanzania mainland, Zanzibar is all about tranquillity, solidarity and purity of nature. With its shallow turquoise blue waters, white sand beaches, dense forests in the backdrop and world-class accommodation options, Zanzibar makes an ideal choice for island holiday in the African region. Furthermore, the range of activities available here will keep you occupied throughout the activity and adventure lovers will surely adore everything that the island has to offer and provide a hospitable environment to the romantic couples, newlyweds, families, solo travellers and friend groups.

In a nutshell, the beauty of the beaches are wonderful and we all have some place in our travel bucket list to solve the same purpose. A holiday at a beautiful island is something that can give you a charge for a very long time and take away all the stress and concerns in your life to give a better quality of living and a healthy body and soul. So, if you think you too are in strict need of a beach vacation and looking forward for an astounding holiday to some pristine island with quaint natural bliss and awesome delights of sun, sand and sea, then all you need now is to consider the services of to save massive on your travel expenses and book beach holiday packages with massive discounts.

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