Japan Cherry Blossom Festival at a Glance

The eastern Asian region is prominently famous for its incredible technology, remarkable lifestyle and exhilarating cultural richness, but if there is something that can succumb all these attributes without breaking a sweat, then it has to be the natural bliss found in the region. As far as Japan is concerned, the botanical gardens, bonsai trees, lakes, canals and the beaches are among the few features that are extremely adored by the people. There is one more thing that might blow your mind instantly with its heavenly beauty and thriving fame and that will be the Cherry Blossom Festival of Japan. The richness of hues and vast span has been among the most prominent reasons why people love to have a fascinating travel experience during the Cherry Blossom Festival. So, if you are intrigued by the name itself and looking to learn more about it, we are glad to offer you Japan Cherry Blossom Festival at a Glance.

Significance of Cherry Blossom Festival

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan is a major symbol of showcasing the most common concept among the natives stating that nothing last forever. Despite the fact that the transition between the colours of blossom flower is temporary, where the vast area covering it with different weather conditions causing different seasonality, it is always temporary regardless of the beauty and observing time. Unlike previous times when people love to walk among the parks and admire the beauty of the nature, these days, people have begun to make a day picnic out of this magnificent natural phenomenon. With plenty of food, drinks and conversations, both natives and tourists adore the beauty of this exhilarating natural bliss and bond with nature and their loved ones amidst scenic surrounding.

When to Visit

Cherry Blossom Festival is a widely spread and observed festival in Japan and with its different weather conditions observed in different regions of the country, the festivities are also different based on where you are planning to go. The ideal place to enjoy this gorgeous festival is Tokyo and Kyoto Cities that are known to be the biggest tourism hubs of the country. Hence, if you are planning Japan holidays, you can get the cheap holiday packages for Tokyo whilst savouring on the scenic natural bliss between March and April depending on the prediction by the Japan Weather Association. Since the blooming part of the festival takes place only for two limited weeks, you must make reservations for packages for Japan as soon as possible.

Where to Visit

Since Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan is observed across the major parts of the country, there are plenty of places you can go and have the best time of your trip to Japan. Depending on when you can get the Japan holiday packages booked, the places to visit for Cherry Blossom Festival can be determined. For an instance, cities like Okinawa and surrounding observe the Cherry Blossom Festival in the month of January. On the other hand, Tokyo, Kyoto and other Honshu region observes the festival during the month of March. Furthermore, regions like Hokkadio are perfect to explore during the month of May. So, based on your preferred time of travel, the perfect selection of place to visit for Cherry Blossom Festival can be determined.

What to Expect

As you probably wondering about the festivities and just the part where you can witness the change of colour of Cherry Blossom flowers, what else can be explored there? Even though the scenic parks and flowers are the key attraction of the festival, there are a number of other things that are alluring tourists from distinct parts of the world. Many people find the traditional tea ceremony that are held under the very trees by the natives a prominent and unique sight to witness. Also, a number of experiences are also available by the performers of Japanese art. You will easily find the venues flocked with the vendors selling the range of souvenirs to collect for home as well as taste some of the most unique and traditional gastronomical delights this culture has to offer.

Some Insightful Tips

Like any other travel, it is important to know as much as possible to plan a perfect travel and prepare yourself for everything that can come in your way. To begin with, it is important that you should keep an eye on the forecast of the Cherry Blossom Festival that basically determines the dates of the celebrations in one or all parts of the country. Also, since, the time of the year when Cherry Blossom Festival is observed, the country of Japan witness some wet and cold weather conditions. And since you will be exploring the outdoors mostly, it is great to be prepared for such conditions in advance. Also, some more tips like being flexible on your accommodation options, trying to reach to your venue early in the morning, tasting the local gastronomy, witnessing the illuminating experiences and more are key points that will help you make the best out of this picturesque travel.

The tranquillity of landscapes blooming the happiness inside the hearts of spectators is a majestic experience for anyone visiting Japan during this time of the year. The span itself is so immense that you can never find yourself amidst a crowd and will be soaking in the fascination and artistry of the nature without any interruption. So, if you are amazed by what this small yet picturesque traditional festival has to offer and looking forward to get a personal experience in a flesh, then you can easily get your Japan holiday packages booked with ASAPHolidays.com to secure a seat into the planes flying to this mesmerizing heavens on earth and admire the everlasting beauty and once in a lifetime experience with massive savings.


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