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Dubai Shopping Festival - An exceptional festival comprising the shopping extravaganza unlike any other shopping festival in the city that is peerless itself. The combination of Dubai and DSF goes way back and this year, this festival will be celebrating its silver jubilee through the 25th edition of Dubai Shopping Festival 2020. With an experience of over 2 decades and a reputation that has spread like a wildfire across the globe, Dubai Shopping Festival is coming bigger than anyone can imagine. From exquisite music experiences to the everlasting range of shopping, this festival will fill your bags and your memories completely. It is often said, that you need to pack much less when you are going to Dubai Shopping Festival as you will be packing your bags whilst travelling back. Dubai shopping festival is a massive experience itself and if you are enticed by the brief introduction, then you must know these things to know have the best shopping experience of your life.

Dates and Duration

Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual event that is organized by the Dubai tourism by inviting sellers from distinct parts of the world around the peak season of tourism in Dubai. Every year, the festival kicks off from December 26th and last till February 1st of the next year. Similarly, the 25th edition of Dubai Shopping Festival will be organized from December 26th 2019 to February 1st 2020 and offer an everlasting experience of shopping food tasting, dancing, music and arts for six long weeks.

Best Buys

Dubai Shopping Festival is a fascinating combination of products that are used on daily basis as well as for luxury, gifting and comfort. From exotic goods like luxurious brand items like spices, perfumes, dry fruits to gadgets of all regular use kinds, accessories like bags, jackets, shoes, cosmetic items from brands around the world, gold & jewellery of fine gold, platinum, diamond and gems, apparels from all common and unique brands and home decor items for makeover of your house are some of the things you will find here. Additionally, there are many more things that will give you ample of reasons to get ahead of the queue and buy before its sold out for a best, cheapest and preferred purchase.

Places for Shopping

The most unique factor that has attracted both the vendors and the buyers the most is the fact that the festival is not concentrated at one venue only. Unlike venue being a mall, a hall or a park for outlets, the festival covers the entire city and all the shopping areas of city. Regardless of the size of the market, you can easily take the advantage of the Dubai Shopping Festival 2020 in both the markets near you or in the other corner of the city. Some of the most promising places where you can find the best quality and diversity in products are the Ibn Battuta Mall, Outlet Mall, Souks, The Dubai Mall, Deira City Centre, Dubai Festival City and Burjuman that are known for being the shopping hub of Dubai.

Best Experiences

Despite the fact that it is indeed a shopping festival, there are an abundant range of activities apart from shopping that might indulge you. So, if you are done shopping for the day or can't find anything appealing to buy, you can always indulge yourself in some great range of things to do in Dubai Shopping Festival. Some of the activities are witnessing the firework show at the Global Village, visiting Dubai Shopping Festival Venue for artistic performances, activities related to rides and slides for kids and so much more. Additionally, the festival has the twist of gastronomy that can easily be enjoyed at all the marketplaces to grab a heavenly bite and energized to stroll around and explore even further. Also, there are plenty of exhibitions and workshops to understand the arts and craftsmanship of the natives that will be a unique experience for you.

Essential Tips

Just like any other travel, the best way to prepare for the Dubai Shopping Festival is to learn a few essential tips that will help you navigate through the bustling crowds as well as enjoy the best without wasting a lot of time and money. Dubai Shopping Festival has its own application for smartphones known as the DSF App. Downloading it will help you to get updates on sales, special offers, latest deals and more. The best way to ensure you get what you want with sufficient range of varieties is by starting early in the morning and heading towards the place that you wish to visit the most and avoid long queues. Also, planning everything from where and when to go to what is special on which day will definitely give you an edge among others. Many people find shopping as its key essence, but if you are looking for something different, there are activities that are really amazing to explore.

Amidst all the fun cultural festivals around the globe, there are only a few that will surely give you value for money experience and Dubai Shopping Festival 2020 is definitely one of them. From the sprawling malls to splendid discounts, extravagant events and more, this festival has it all to give you the festive experience along with hundreds of undeniable reasons to empty your wallets on filling your travel bags and even force to add more baggage on your return flight home. So, soak into the incredible festivities and feel like a shopaholic by simply booking your Dubai holiday packages with ASAPHolidays.com and get a chance to visit this once in a lifetime opportunity that will surely help you to transform your styling and decor of home like never before.

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