Coldest Destinations for an Adventurous Winter Holiday

Winters are here and many of you are probably thinking to head towards the beach for some sun, sand and sea. However, there are a number of people out there that enjoy witnessing the chilly winter season rather than getting all warm and humidified. For plenty of reasons, winter holidays at chilling destinations are liked by people around the globe. From adventure seekers to people adoring the harsh weathers, nature photographers and out of the box travel seekers, countless of people desire to have such travel experiences and in order to give them some suggestions of the same, we have jot down a list of coldest destinations for an adventurous winter holiday. The places here are known to be famous for some quality winter escapes and absolutely ideal to go this winter season.

Yellowknife, Canada

Yellowknife is among the most prestigious cities of the entire Canada as well as the capital city of the Northwest Territories. This wonderful region is the home to many tribal communities as well as a prominent copper tool manufacturing region. Despite all of these prominent attributes, tourists are allured by this city due to its extreme weather conditions that are observed in the winter season and offer a stunning and chilling experience to those who love to be in the icy cold surroundings. During the peak winter season, you can enjoy the weather conditions where the temperature can go as low as -30 degree Celsius. Furthermore, this place is known to be among the coldest towns in the entire North American region and witness the coldest days in the month of January.

Rovaniemi, Finland

This Finnish city is among the most top rated winter holiday destinations in the entire European continent, ideally famous for being the capital of the Lapland (the home of Santa). With its extreme weather conditions, this place makes a perfect Christmas holiday destination for people living in the west. However, if you are a big fond of the temperature that can send chills to your spine, then this place can be an ideal holiday destination for you as well. With an average temperature of -24 degree Celsius, you can witness all the plateau covered in white spongy snow and covering the plains and mountains of the surrounding offering a pleasant and heavenly look. Furthermore, you can enjoy the reindeer slides and many more Santa theme activities at the Santa Theme Park that is among the finest highlights of the region.

Yakutsk, Russia

Popular for being the coldest city on the planet where people live, the crown jewel of the harsh winter season in Russia, Yakutsk is a perfect settlement to enjoy the harsh winter season where you can throw the boiling water in the air and watch those fancy clouds of water turning into snow captured using a time warp. With an average temperature floating around -39 degree Celsius to -49 degree Celsius, you can have the coldest holidays ever on the surface of the planet. Furthermore, Yakutsk is the home to the only permafrost museum in the world where you can go and have a great experience without being chilled in the freezing cold weather during the summer season when the temperature hovers around 20 degree Celsius.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The city home to dry and long winters, Ulaanbaatar is a fascinating combination of a massive cityscape surrounded with dry ice and stunning backdrops. With a population of over a million residents, this city has been offering a wonderful experience to its guests. Famous for being the coldest capital city of the world, Ulaanbaatar enjoys the long winters where the temperature goes as low as -25 degree Celsius and offer a stunning and chilling winter experience to the snow and low temperature lovers. The terrains in the surrounding are ideal to take your adventure travel experience to the next level and camp under the dark skies of Mongolia.


Without any doubt, the coldest region of the world, surrounding the South Pole of the planet, Antarctica is among the most astonishing, harsh and adventurous places one can imagine with nearly impossible to survive weather conditions. Although, there are an abundant number of packages available to serve your crave of being in the coldest region of earth for a desirable time, planning a trip here requires a lot of courage, months of acclimatising and years of preparation. Also, southern lights are among the biggest highlights of the region where the lights appear in the most unique way in the skies and offer a range of hues lighting the black blue horizon with stylish and surreal light show by the nature.

Even though, there are many moderate winter destinations that exist on the plateau of earth such as Reykjavik, Azerbaijan, Swiss Alpine Valleys, Austria, Norway and many more, finding some extreme weather conditions isn't that easy. So, if you too have been thinking to have a trip filled with chilling weather, fewer or no accessibility of light or sun or hunt for warmth and survival, then you will definitely find the above-mentioned places ideal for a scenic trip experience that will leave massive traces in your memory for ever. To ensure you get the best of these experiences, you can easily find a range of winter holiday deals with and save massive on travel experiences with world-class service and expert advice.

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