Top 5 Worth Visiting Museums around the World

When travelling to a new destination, the one kind of attraction found most common among all touristy places is the museum. Museums are known to be the places where one can learn a lot about the native history, culture, architecture, modern heritage, wilderness, nature and much more. Museums are the perfect places to witness the relics from the past preserved and exhibited in a way that one can easily learn and adapt the lifestyle of the native country or region based on their past. Since, the museums are a key ingredient of making the travel a worthy experience, we are presenting to you the list of top 5 worth visiting museums around the world.

The Louvre, Paris

Arguably the most famous museums in the world for its peerless range of arts and antiques exhibited through a marvellous presentation, The Louvre is a spellbinding attraction in Paris, France, the city of love and architectural marvels. Witnessing a footfall of over 10 million tourists every year, this place holds a massive treasure of arts, culture, sculptures, decorative, antiquities and many more things that takes the count to over 4,60,000 objects in display. The Louvre offers its guests a massive delight of exploring the artistic culture of the France as well as distinct parts of the globe in the most interactive and informative way. Furthermore, the antiquities exhibited here are from Greek, Roman, Etruscan, Islamic, French and Near Eastern regions.

The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, New York

Probably the most famous museum in the capital of Museums, the New York City, and the Metropolitan Museum of Arts holds the stature of celebrity in the world of Museums. Witnessing a footfall of nearly 8 million people every year, this place is a gorgeous amalgamation of history, culture, art, modern lifestyle and much more. Featuring over 2 million exhibitions in this massive structure, Metropolitan Museum of Arts is surely a place you would love to visit on your trip to New York, United States. Furthermore, the quick and easy accessibility of Metropolitan Museum of Arts (MET) is the reason why people love to visit this place at the first place during a trip to New York City and explore the ginormous range of artistic works and heritage relics after a long and exhausting flight.

Hong Kong Museum of History, Hong Kong

The culture and history in Asian continent goes back to thousands of years and if you are up for some exquisite discoveries to add into your knowledge, then visiting the National Museum of China in Beijing will be a treat for you. Featured as the most visited museum in the world in the year 2017, the National Museum of China is a stunning combination of pre-historic, medieval and modern history and much more. Presently, the museum offers a massive collection of over 1, 00,000 relics from the past through a huge exhibition from millions of years. When you are here, don't forget to check out the Simuwu Ding from the Shang Dynasty which is known to be a total weight of over 800kgs making it the heaviest object from ancient bronzeware.

The Vatican Museum, Vatican City

The crown jewel of Rome, the Vatican Museum is among the most prestigious places in the entire Italy, ideally famous for its breath-taking range of exquisite heritage collection and artistry from different eras. Established in early 16th century, Vatican Museum is the home to over 70,000 of art works divided into artists, architects, architecture, paintings, sculpture, collections and Frescoes. Every year, the museum observes a footfall of over 6 million people and provide a massive array of exhibitions that are divided into 12 museums and 5 galleries. Furthermore, the proximity from all the major attractions of Rome makes it even more pleasant place to go and explore what you can't find in this historically rich city and learn so much about the vast past of Italy.

The Natural History Museum, London

Arguably the finest and most popular museum in the entire United Kingdom that has witnessed ample of movie shootings and hundreds of events across the decades, the Natural History Museum is a stunning blend of 70 million specimens collected all over the world and preserved in the most hospitable environment to offer a deep insight about the natural history of the planet. Furthermore, with its incredible architecture formed in the late 19th century, people can actually experience the dramatic presentation of artefacts and historic treasures exhibited in the most informative way. Every year, the Natural History Museum of London is visited by over 5 million people who enjoy an array of activities held here along with the hundreds of exhibition in this massive structure that begins with a massive skeleton of Giant Whale hanging on the entrance.

Museums are so popular and hyped these days that you might find ample of people enjoying the International Museum Day on May 18th that is observed globally and helps promoting the rich heritage, culture and natural history treasured in every part of the globe. In recent years, over 37,000 museums in over 150 countries have participated in this annual event and has caused millions of people witnessing the massive array of eras, cultures, natural relics and what not in those museums. In case, you have missed all this fun and looking forward for a happening trip to your next destination, don't miss to visit the museums that are perfect to begin your travel experience and provide a significant amount of information in the most interactive way. To ensure you get the activities alike included in your trip, consider booking discounted holiday packages with and have a remarkable escape with your near and dear ones.

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