Enjoy the Best Flight Layovers in These Airports

For both business and leisure purposes, we have to take flight these days and travel across the globe to new destinations. At times when we are off to some place far, we are bound to take flights that are connected from an airport somewhere midway. Airports are definitely not the happiest place in the planet especially after hours of long flights and if you are stuck at one for any number of reasons, you might want to have some quality experiences. Luckily, there are an abundant number of airports around the globe that are best suited for such long halts. So, next time whenever you make a reservation of your flight and it is mandatory to have a layover, try to make reservations in the flights that goes to the following airports for layover to enjoy the best flight layovers.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS), Amsterdam

Many flights travelling to the North American and other nearby regions often find a stopover at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Amsterdam Airport is known to be among the most amazing and spectacularly developed airport in the region. The Amsterdam Airport is massive in size and houses ample of amenities including opulent seating areas, mini art-gallery featuring ample artistic work of Dutch artists, duty-free shops offering cheese and other stuff. Furthermore, an indoor park will be a great catch for you to take a stroll and enjoy some time flexing after a long scheduled flight in cabin class as well as charge your phone by paddling a bicycle.

Changi International Airport (SIN), Singapore

Often when we travel to the Eastern part of the world from India on a long air travel, most of the airlines take stop at the Singapore International Airport. Changi International Airport is among the most loved and highly prestigious airports in the entire world, featuring state-of-the-art attributes, designed to provide maximum comfort to the travellers from distinct regions of the globe. Here, you can not only find some quality lounges, seating areas and cafes to have a relaxing time, but can also entertain yourself with a movie theatre, Asian shop house for shopping, butterfly garden, art illustrations, rooftop garden, swimming pool and many more things.

Dubai International Airport (DXB), Dubai

Arguably one of the busiest airports in the world, Dubai International Airport is an ideally located stopover destination for business and leisure travellers flying from India to the Europe, United Kingdom, North America, South America and African continent. As a result, a big number of airlines provide a stopover operation of flights from DXB airport. The airport is said to be a perfect destination itself and offers a great deal of shopping, entertainment experiences and much more. Furthermore, in case, you can obtain a transit visa, you can explore a massive array of attractions and adventurous activities Dubai has to offer alongside to the gorgeous views of massive skyscrapers and marvel of architectures like Burj Al Arab, Palm Island and more.

London Heathrow Airport (LHR), London

Frequent travellers flying from India to the cities of United Kingdom or the Americas, they know a great experience they can have at the biggest and busiest airport of the United Kingdom, the London Heathrow Airport. The Airport is popular for its extensive range of experiences that are offered to the tourists on daily basis. From a range of shopping experiences through the array of outlets and shopping areas available within the airport to the magnificent British style of dining, you can have a quality time of your stopover regardless of it being long or short. Furthermore, the boutique shops available at London Heathrow are a great catch for fashion followers to pack some extra pair of dresses and clothes with world-class styling and learn a bit more about the present dressing culture in the west.

Munich International Airport (MUC), Munich

Often stated as the Big MAC of Airports for its grand architecture, first-class range of amenities and spellbinding array of delights, Munich Airport Centre is a great place to get your flight layover. Noted as among the busiest airports in the entire Germany, Munich Airport witnesses a massive number of footfall of passengers and offer a variety of experiences that are based on season and occasions. With ample of shopping outlets, duty-free shops and variety of dining options, you can easily kill a few hours admiring the beauty of this German airport. Furthermore, around the New Years, you will find the Yule celebration featuring ample of handmade craft shops, mulled wine and much more.

Indeed there are many more airports that can share the list with the above-mentioned airports, but if you are looking for the best of the best experiences on the airports that provide a great deal of time while doing air travel for long, you must love to arrange your travel arrangements going through the airports mentioned above. So, have a great voyaging for any international destination by simply making your holiday packages booked with ASAPHolidays.com today and savour on the delight of not just preparing the arrangements at your destination, but also while you are on your way to the city.

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