Safest Countries to Travel in 2019

When planning an international travel for holidays, the first thing that crosses everyone's mind is the safety. Be it about the financial transactions to health and personal security, there are plenty of contributing factors that determines for most of us which place is great to visit and which is not. Hence, every year, dozens of independent and governing agencies release a list of safest countries to travel for their natives and the rest of the world based on various parameters including but not limited to sanitation, crime, civil unrest, terror threats, financial frauds and many more. Hence, to ensure you get every information required for your upcoming travels, we have found a list of Safest Countries to Travel in 2019 that are compiled whilst keeping above-mentioned parameters into consideration.

Nordic region has been able to secure an impressive rank among the safest destinations for many years now and with the GPI score of a little over to 1.3 is the proof of what you can expect during a holiday in Denmark. Globally famous for being the happiest country for its rich culture, quality standard of living, exquisite attractions and above all, extremely safe environment for tourists, Denmark has become one of the hot favourite destinations in the European region in last a few years. When it comes to safety like disease, natural disasters and unrest, the cities of Denmark are much safer than most of the European countries. On the other side, the crime rates in Denmark are as generic as any other country and by following the basic protocols, you can easily navigate through your holidays without any trouble.

Among all Southeast Asian countries, the city-state of Singapore has been noted as one of the safest places to travel once again in 2019. Visited by thousands of Indian tourists every year, Singapore is known to be a great tourist hot spot to have a trip with family, friends and alone and to ensure you have the great experience with your near and dear ones, clearing your safety concerns is a must. In recent years, Singapore has secured an appealing position among the list of safest places to travel in the world and has scored nearly 97 percent in 2018. From crimes to sanitation, health risks, disease, public safety and more, the region of Singapore doesn't flag anything that might concern you at all.

The reputation of Japan in terms of being among the most hospitable countries in the world is impeccable and it has been the same for many years now. From the plush cityscape of Tokyo to gardens in Osaka, heritage in Kyoto and stunning lifestyle of Sapporo, every city has its own charm. Luckily, there are much less concerns about the safety of tourists as compared to many other countries around the globe including but not limited to financial frauds, sanitation, diseases and more. As a result, Japan has been serving as a perfect host for tourists to enjoy a quality holiday across various regions without being worried about nearly anything. In addition, the recent surveys done by abundant agencies have shown the overall performance of Japan has helped in gaining the position of the safest countries to travel in 2019.

New Zealand

The Oceania region is known for being among the most delightful regions to explore and people love to go on expensive and joyful holidays with their near and dear ones. However, when it comes to safety, the cities of New Zealand have emerged to be really promising and offering the tourists a wonderful experience in any possible way. From weather conditions to diseases, civil unrest and other contributing factors that can make you worry about travelling to a destination, there numbers of finding such issues are nearly zero in the region. Furthermore, the GPI Score of New Zealand is less than 2 that has given the adventure seekers a great place to go and have the safe and sound thrilling experience at the South Island of New Zealand.


When it comes to safest destinations to explore, Iceland has been consistent in making itself on the top shelf of the list for quite some time now. With its hospitable environment and awesome culture, tourists find the entire country really safe and enjoyable during their European holidays. The GPI of Iceland is really impressive and as per the statistics of 2019, it has been less than 1.1 in total, bringing it to the top spot in the list. From great standards of living to least concern about the crime rates, contagious disease, bad weather and smoot financial concerns has been among the key reasons why tourists from across the world love to have Iceland holidays with their near and dear ones.

Even though, there are an abundant number of countries out there like Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, United Arab Emirates and more, finding the best out of the best is the prime cause of this blog and to ensure you get the information about the best of the best, we have enlisted the countries above. So, next time, whenever you plan for a spellbinding holiday with your near and dear ones, then do consider this list prior to making your reservations. To find the cheapest international holiday packages, you can always use the services of and have a safe, secure and trustworthy experience whilst doing business with us.


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