Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Destinations in the World

Weddings in India are known to be the biggest public gatherings in the private events organized by the individuals and has been considered to be one of the biggest markets of all time in the country. This once in a lifetime chain of events is estimated to be causing a spending of at least one-fifth of one's life earnings and yet people love to make this celebration a grand event. The celebration of 5-7 days held during the wedding are the great ways to preserve the memories of holy matrimony with all the near and dear ones. For the couple, recently the trend of pre-wedding shoot has become a great way to ensure they capture the moments before tying in the eternal bonds in the form of pictures and preparations. Since we know the pain of deciding a perfectly suitable destination for this amazing shoot, we are giving you a perfect list of best pre-wedding shoot destinations around the world that will make this experience even more precious moments right before you enter in the marital world.

Rajasthan is among the biggest hubs of rich culture and heritage in India and if you are planning to make your pre-wedding shoot look royal, classy and rich of heritage, then travelling to Jodhpur will probably bring a new level of love and excitement. Places like Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jaswant Thada and Kaylana Lake will serve as great backdrops for this romantic photography project and give the couples some time to savour on the incredible luxury, comfort with a touch of ethnic experiences during this big activity. Furthermore, planning a trip here with your photography penal will cost you much less as the accommodation options are really diverse in terms of cost and you can complete the entire thing in a couple of days to save more on expenditure. North-Indian couples will surely find Jodhpur as a superlative way to introduce the opulent and royal-alike feeling at a proximity.

The southern backwaters in India are considered to be among the dreamiest places of all times in India and there is hardly any place better to match the rich nature and awesome vibes of romance than the promising city of Kerala, Kumarakom. The backwaters of Kumarakom are among those places that are dreamed by the romantic couples after their magic. Hence, it will be a nice idea to capture your first official photo album there with all the dreamy vibes here and exploring the fun and delights this city to offer. The lake resorts of Kumarakom are quite popular among about to wed couples and you will find an abundant number of people posing amidst the natural freshness and beauty whilst getting pleased by the love and affection of each other that comes more naturally due to the promising surroundings and incredible background.

Snow-capped mountains are among the most romantic settings for couples and you will find plenty of people spending their honeymoon in the mountains across the India and beyond. As a result, the snowy steep valley of Spiti has made its way into the list of finest pre-wedding shoot destinations in India. Offering a great deal of wonderful settings that can complement your adorability of each other and provide a perfect frame of love whilst giving a chance to have a small break from all the shopping and boring gatherings to have some more personal time to get to know each other well. For love birds who are getting hitched, Spiti Valley can serve the purpose of reconciliation of love and turn the leaf to a new chapter in the life. The enthralling beauty and range of accommodation options can give you a perfect, cheap and exquisite escape to capture those last bachelor moments and have nothing but fun. On the technical point of view, the clearer skies and white surroundings will make your pictures more adorable and give you a glowing shade of skin in all those candid photos.

Believe it or not, there are thousands of couples who plan their pre-wedding shoot around the pristine beaches of Thailand and if you too are looking to have a beachside pre-wedding shoot, there is no other place that can beat the beauty of Phuket. Thailand is known to be a paradise for bachelors and spending the last a few days prior to the big wedding in Thailand will solve the purpose of living the life of a bachelor one last time whist having some great candid pictures clicked with tropical background amidst shallow turquoise blue waters. With quick and easy connectivity, cheap hotel options and discounted arrangements for special requirements, you can easily make your international pre-wedding shoot much cheaper than usual and bring a new level of charm on this happening occasion.

Recently became among the most romantic destinations in Asian continent, Bali is simply a gorgeous place for couples to go and enjoy. And there is not a place especially in this part of the world that can overcome the significant and beauty of Bali for pre-wedding shoots. With its tropical mountains, plush beaches, enthralling heritage sites and ancient temples, the pictures of your pre-wedding shoot will come to life and offer a completely unique and impressive experience to the about to wed couple. Pre-wedding photo shoots in Bali are really popular these days and with the variety of hotels and other amenities available for a perfect trip, you can have all you want right before the big day. In addition, the shining bright skies that stays nearly the same throughout the year makes the job of a photographer much easier to focus less on the technical aspects and more on capturing the love and beauty between the couple.

While most of the people consider European cities, Hawaiian beaches, deserts and ancient sites to be great backdrops, people from distinct parts of the world think otherwise and head towards Asia for such a magnificent delight. While most of the Indian destinations these days are known to be best for pre-wedding shoots, some of the other Southeast Asian cities are proven to be more dazzling and astounding in both experiences and expenditures. So, if you too are looking for something this amazing for your wedding and looking forward to have a magical pre-wedding photoshoot, then you can plan your group travel by getting in touch with make this once in the lifetime opportunity eternal.

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