Cities that Offer Scrumptious Street Food

Street food is an integral part of a culture and civilization and if you travel to understand these two pillars of a country, then you must taste the local gastronomy to savour on the essence of their cultural culinary. There are tons of places out there that are popular for their street food, but if you are looking best of the best, then you must consider the following places that are noted to be among the finest in terms of street food in authenticity of flavours. So, without any more delay, we offer you a list of cities that offer scrumptious street food around the world.


Moroccan cities are noted to be among the dominating gastronomic superpower in the region for decades and have been attracting thousands of people from various part of the world for the very same cause. Marrakech is a massive tourist destination in the region and widely popular for being a street-food hub in the region. With hundreds of outlets spread all across the city emitting aroma of delicious delicacies, Marrakech is a complete paradise for foodies. With some famous street foods like Harira Soup, Lamb Tanjia, Brochettes, Tagine, Grilled Vegetables and many more, you can have a quality time exploring the best of the cities whilst munching on this rich flavoured dishes.

Mexico City

The upbeat lifestyle and culture of Mexico City has never been bleak and when it comes to the native gastronomy, the charm has always left people stumped. The street food found in Mexico City is remarkably diverse, rich in flavours and have incredible taste that is nearly impossible to find elsewhere. With a massive number of outlets that have inherited ancestral the recipe and cooking methods has given the gastronomical delight of Mexico City an amazing picture. Thus, you will find thousands of tourists planning holidays to Mexico every year and savour on the variety of delights this astounding city has to offer. Furthermore, the budget cost of a scrumptious meal served across the street food vendors is really a major contributing factor to reduce the cost and make a wonderful holiday fall in the budget.


Without any doubt, the city of Bangkok has made it to the list of best street food cities in past a couple of decades and for good reason. Not only the taste and range of dishes served across the streets of Bangkok have been great to capture the attention, the freshness, hygiene and nutrition is a major contributing factor to ensure you have a quality time savouring on the cultural gastronomy of Thailand. The Thai food is among the most popular gastronomies across the world and if there is any place to taste the authentic flavours, Bangkok is the one. Additionally, a city that has plenty of things to offer whilst strolling around the bustling streets, the only thing that can make you keep going is the food and when it comes within the budget easily, there is no place else you wish to go.


The national capital of India, Delhi is known for two things prominently; the history and the food. The cultural diversity found here has given the both attributes a significant boost and made the capital a place for tourists seeking some pleasant views for eyes and a heavenly bite for the stomach. By compiling various cultures, blending the regional delicacies and creating a new set of platter, Delhi has given thousands of food a point to focus and plan their next trip. From a variety of spices to different cooking methods, generations of cooking experiences and experiments to make the dish suitable for almost everyone, Delhi’s gastronomy is a surprising treasure for foodies and can be considered equivalent to a gastronomical paradise. Furthermore, the variety of budget based on the facilities and add-on flavours, you don’t have to think twice about your budget and all you have to do is grab your spoon and stuff your mouth with pleasuring food.


For most of us, Dubai is all about luxurious life and shopping in the malls, but if there is anything that has given foodies a great interest towards this part of the world more than anything, is its food. Home to dozens of celebrity chefs and variety of culture concentrated at one place, Dubai has a majestic experience of eating and drinking to offer to all of its guests. Even though, there are a limited number of flea markets and places where people can walk and find food stalls, there are plenty of options to try before you finally make a difficult choice about which dish you liked the most. Additionally, the cost effectiveness brought by the street food of Dubai gives people a breather after spending a great deal of amount on various shopping and adventurous experiences.


I guess, none of you have thought that a South African city can make it into the list of best street food shopping experiences across the world. But to be truthful, there are plenty of things that you might not know about Durban. The cultural diversity found here after a massive immigration from various parts of the world makes it a perfect blend of gastronomy and the cost of dining has brought down significantly low due to this amazing option if you wish to explore. With the native culture blending with Zulu, East Africa and Indian subcontinent Durban has brought a whole different dimension of flavours and dining experiences.

From sidewalks to food carts, gas station snacks and carnival foods, everything in any city can contribute to the cultural culinary and offer the tourists an experience to cherish forever. If you a true foodie and have been exploring the world, then you must know that what experiences you can add to spice your trip up. Hence, it is always important to try the local street food wherever you go and if you are in the above-mentioned cities, then becoming a street-food junkie won’t be farfetched. To ensure you have all the delights, it is important to get your holiday packages reserved with a trusted travel agency and is specialized in offering discounted holiday packages for everyone.

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