Best Underwater Hotels in the World

Accommodation while travelling plays a vital role even though most of us don't admit it and when the stays offers an irresistible and unforgettable experience, the delight can go up to manifolds. There are an abundant number of hotel and resort properties across the world that offer a delightful range of unique experiences and among them all, the underwater theme resorts have been giving an incredible delight to the voyagers. In case you have been wondering about where you can have such an amazing experience of staying in a submerged guest room with impeccable range of amenities and great views, we have brought to you a list of best underwater hotels in the world for a mesmerizing and unique experience.

Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

Tanzania is known to be among those unique paradises that offer incredible marine life experiences, outstanding coral reefs and bewitching surroundings, perfect for a romantic escape and have quality time in refreshing surroundings. Such experiences can become even more pleasant and beautiful if you are putting up your holidays in Manta Resorts, Pemba Island of Tanzania. The resort is widely popular among tourists for its unique properties including the three-level underwater rooms that goes as low as 13 feet below the surface and accessible by a boat ride only. The resort suites are made with two level of pleasure where the top one offers a wonderful sunbathe experience at the roof and the submerged suite is for accommodation offering a 360 degree view of marine life.

Resort World Sentosa, Singapore

Sentosa Island is known to be the home of one of the largest aquariums in the world and if you have been thinking that Sentosa has this only thing, you have another thing coming. The famous Resorts World Sentosa is a wonderful accommodation option you can find here offering a massive array of features and amenities through its two-story townhouse. The suite features aquarium for underwater experience, patio upstairs for surface experience and a submerged suite for underwater views of flora and fauna. Despite decently expensive, thousands of couples enjoy spending a romantic time here and explore an everlasting range of hospitable amenities with world-class services.

Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Maldives is prominently famous for honeymoons and beach experiences for a romantic retreat and to take such experiences to the next level Huvafen Fushi Maldives plays a vital role. This underwater hotel properties is known to be a boutique hotel offering a wide range of fascinating experiences including onsite spa, relaxing massages and so much more with underwater surroundings. The submerged suites here are the highlights and couples can enjoy a blissful view of the marine surroundings whilst savouring on the variety of experiences. Furthermore, there are plenty of other features available here including but not limited to infinity pools, snorkelling spots, white-sand beaches and so much more.

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, China

China has been emerging as a valuable business and leisure destination and if you have been supressing your desires of having a refreshing getaway in this part of the world, then planning a trip to the famous city of Shanghai will be a great idea. The city of Shanghai has plenty of experiences to offer including the famous InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland which is known to be among the most unique resort properties in the region. The luxurious resort located at a proximity from the city, InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland has an abundant range of tempting delights including underwater floors that offer great views of the natural surroundings, restaurants, great accommodation experiences and much more.

Atlantis the Palm, Dubai

There is no way a list about luxurious hotels with unique property can be completed without mentioning the world-famous Atlantis the Palm hotel. The ravishing hotel property of the globally acclaimed city of Dubai, Atlantis the Palm is a spectacular architectural marvel with tons of delightful features. One of them is its submerged suites that are prominently popular for a world-class range of services as well as great views of the marine world in the surroundings and an impeccable range of amenities within the room. Furthermore, the suites are perfectly designed to give couples a fantastic experience whilst offering them a romantic and luxurious delight to set the mood for auspicious occasions like honeymoon, anniversaries and other sorts of romantic occasions.

It is obvious to say that the places offering such an incredible service and features are not as common as many of us think and requires a good fortune to savour on such delights and views. However, there are an abundant ways to ensure you have the best of the best pleasures with plenty of discounts to make the cost much less. So, if you are ready to enjoy a wonderfully mesmerizing experience of these peerless resort properties, you can always reach out to to have a holiday in the respective destinations and have a quality time admiring the fantastic surroundings and features that are nearly impossible to find elsewhere whilst saving a great amount of money on a luxurious getaway.

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