Best Hiking Trails in the World

Walking across the beautiful plateaus of the cities and the oceans are extremely delightful. But for those who seek some adventure to feed their adrenaline rush, something bigger, better and rustier is required. Hence, they often tend to go for hiking to bear witness the rawness of the nature with extreme risks. For those adventure junkies who enjoy living on the edge and don't require delights like a 5-star hotel, the hiking trails are the best way to live their days and ASAP Holidays has brought an amazing range of best hiking trails in the world that are not just beautiful in terms of scenic views, but also captivating for those who like to push their limits and achieve new heights of success.

Mount Toubkal, Morocco

Trek on the Northern Africa's highest peak Mount Toubkal is an exhilarating experience for everyone to witness the raw nature with plenty of exquisite highs and lows across the hiking trail. Often stated as the trek not for faint-hearted people, the trail begins from the Imlil village, crossing the dry river beds and going through the Sidi Chamharouch Shrine to the snowfields where the summit ends the mountain range of Atlas offering a great view of the surroundings with surreal pleasures. People planning for a group hiking can hire a local guide known as Muleteers for luggage carrying and guiding your way through the intense areas.

Pennine Way, United Kingdom

Spanning in over 250 miles of areas between the borders of Scotland and Derbyshire Peak, the notorious Pennine Way is among the finest hiking trails across the British nation. Comprising a walk of about 3 weeks through the intense and drastic changes in weather conditions, this trail is for professionals prominently and offers a great experience of walking across many cultures, remote areas, cities and towns. Furthermore, the trail requires camping in vagaries of environment giving hikers an experience to cherish for a very long time and pleasure of hiking to enjoy for over 20 days. In case, you are looking for an intense hiking trail with a moderate level of difficulty, this place is the right choice.

West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island

The Canadian wilderness is both beautiful and dangerous to explore and if you have been looking for a hiking trail that can go across these dense forests, then you can easily enjoy a nearly 50 miles of West Coast Trail. Spanning across the Southern Vancouver Island, this hiking trail is all about walking across the difficulties of altitude, no paths, waterbodies and much more. Additionally, the muddy paths will be great adventure for seekers and if you love camping in the natural surroundings and dense forests, you can never be luckier. So, if you enjoy reading the specifications of this trail, you must reserve your place well in advance as you require a pre-approved reservation to walk across these majestic natural marvels.

Mount Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo

Arguably among the most prestigious hikes in the Asian continent, Mount Kinabalu is one of its own kind where hikers enjoy a couple of days trekking across the rugged paths and enjoy a blissful sunrise view with clear skies. Previously, the hikes were for one day only and hikers enjoyed the trail with pleasant views, but recently, the government has imposed the condition of hiking should be done in 2 days in order to keep the safety of the hikers. Furthermore, once you reach to the summit, you can enjoy a magnificent accommodation experience as there is a exquisite hotel property located on the mountain offering a great staying experience along with dining and more. In case you have been thinking to go on this hike, you must have a guide made compulsory by the native laws.

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Any list about the best hiking trails around the world is simply incomplete without mentioning the trophy trail of Everest Base camp. Mount Everest is known to be the tallest mountain on the surface of the planet and those who have climbed here have become the noted people globally. Located 3000 meters below the summit of the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest Base Camp is also at a considerable height with plenty of hurdles including extreme weather conditions, mountain sickness, high-altitude problems, low air pressure, less oxygen levels and more. Even though, the hike to the base camp of Mount Everest is easy compared to the summit, it is still a difficult one and those who are trained in extreme conditions and have all the skills required shall try this hiking trail.

The thrill of climbing the high-rise mountains, walking across the rugged and difficult paths and excursion through the dense and wild forests is an experience that is nearly impossible to describe in world as you automatically detach yourself with the rest of the world and come across a rigid, intense and purity of nature with all the adventure in the world. So, if you too have been seeking the adrenaline rush out of these situations, then you have the above-mentioned places offering exactly the same and even much more. So, start packing your bags for an upcoming retreat to these finest hiking trails and book your coming getaways with for some quality time amidst the rawness of nature.

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