Spiritual Travel – Best Monasteries in India

In India, the spirituality has many dimensions and to observe the same, whereas some people head for the spiritual centres in Rishikesh, some incline towards yoga. However, there is one thing that is also quite big and interesting for most of us and that would be the Buddhist monasteries. Being surrounded by a massive stretch where spirituality itself is a religion, India has been observing the remarkable spiritual centres in the form of these monasteries spanning across the nation. In case, you too have been bending towards spiritual experiences lately, you must consider travelling to some of the awesome and interesting monasteries across the country as mentioned below.

Hemis Monastery

Not so extravagant, but extremely popular and the largest Buddhist monastery in the Ladakh region, Hemis Monastery is among the most tranquillizing experiences spirituality seekers can get during their voyage across this part of the country. Standing tall since before the 11th century, Hemis Monastery is an artistry of nature, culture and many more features. Housing a massive collection of relics, thangkas, sacred artefacts and many more things, Hemis is capable to give away a delighting experience through its rich culture and spiritual beliefs. Furthermore, the accommodation and other facilities offered by the monks are among the best experiences a spirituality seekers can find in this part of the world.

Phuktal Monastery

Located in one of the isolated regions of the Zanskar region, Phuktal Monastery is truly a pleasant experience with loads of exciting activities wrapping up your journey. Phuktal Monastery is a divine artistry of nature and monks comprising a magnificent view in the remote areas that are accessible if you know trekking. The pristine surroundings and quaint background makes it an ideal place to go and have explore the spirituality. Furthermore, rainy days here become even more delightful as from the mouth of the cave on which the monastery is built becomes a waterfall out of the rain waters. Even though, this monastery is a less explored place, you surely enjoy it the most.

Tawang Monastery

Northeast India is known to be a great region for Buddhist culture and thus, perfect to find some spirituality across some prominent monasteries in the region. Among them all, the famous Tawang Monastery in Arunachal Pradesh is a spellbinding place where one can go and find spirituality in the vibrant array of hues. Located at the height of 3500 metres above the sea level, this monastery is perfectly nestled amidst the Himalayanmountain ranges. Trekking your way here is the best way to ensure you taste the adventure before finding peace of mind and body. Furthermore, the delightful surroundings of the famous "Chosen Horse Monastery" will be the first thing you will notice after reaching here. Founded by Mera Lama Lodre Gyatso, Tawang is the birth place of the 6th Dalai Lama.

Namgyal Monastery

Incepted by the Third Dalai Lama himself, the famous Namgyal Monastery of Himachal Pradesh is a serene sight amidst the rugged mountains. Despite being small in size as compared to other monasteries across the state of Himachal, this place is majorly considered as a tourist place and the home to the 14th Dalai Lama himself. Located in the blissful region of McLeod Ganj, Namgyal is all about some astonishing exposure of Tibetan culture and provides a spellbinding experience of spirituality and Buddhist religion. Easily accessible by road, Namgyal is a delighting sight and is explored by hundreds of tourists and spirituality seekers on daily basis.

Lamayuru Monastery

Many people might say that to achieve the spirituality, you must detach yourself from the rest of the world and Lamayuru is the perfect example. Isolated amidst the rugged mountains of Himalaya between Leh and Kargil, Lamayuru Monastery is a stunning combination of exquisite hospitality, fine gourmet, everlasting spirituality and serene surroundings. In case you have been thinking of if you can find a place to stay here with comfort, you will be amazed to hear about the adjoining hotel with the monastery that offers a great accommodation experience. Furthermore, monks here in Lamayuru enjoy the company of tourists and spirituality seekers and easily indulge in conversations on many worldly topics.

Solidarity is found in the quaintest places and offers a peace to mind and body. In needs of such peace and tranquillity, one must take off-beat paths to detach yourself from the rest of the world and explore the massive dimension of the spirituality. Buddhist monasteries are known to be a gateway to connect with the supreme power and yourself and if you are ready to take that leap of faith, then you must consider places mentioned above to feel the difference and experience a unique and delighting pleasure. So, get mesmerized by the whimsical beauty and charm of spirituality by booking your upcoming holidays with ASAPHolidays.com and get a chance to explore some of the finest Buddhist monasteries in the world.

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