Kashmir - A Heaven on Earth

Even though, there are dozens of cities and towns across the India that are extremely charismatic and provide absolute fun and adventure, there is no peer for the gorgeous heaven on earth Kashmir. Visited by thousands of natives and tourists from across the globe every year, Kashmir is an absolute combination of valleys, meadows, lakes, mountains, cultures and lifestyle, making it an ideal replica of paradise on earth. Although, nearly a decade ago, people were frightened for visiting here due to security issues, but in recent years, the valley has become much more tourist-friendly and exquisite to explore the artistry of nature. So, if you still have a few doubts whether you wish to visit this gorgeous amalgamation or not, here we are, giving you a glimpse of indescribable beauty of heaven on earth - Kashmir.

Stunning Cityscape of Srinagar

The first place you will come across as you get out from your flight will be the overwhelming check-in procedure in Srinagar airport. But it doesn’t mean that you need to worry even for a bit. The security here is for our own safety and as soon as you are out from those doors, you will have a completely exciting cityscape ahead of you. Featuring some ultimate UNESCO World Heritage Sites, fabulous attractions, historical places, cultural attractions and much more, Srinagar is an absolute delight for everyone. Be it the Mughal Gardens, Boulevard Road, Tulip Gardens, Pari Mahal or any other place, there will be tons of experiences waiting for you to have and get pleased by the rich variety this place has to offer.

Enigmatic Terrains of Pahalgam

The ambiguous beauty of Pahalgam is truly a mesmerizing delight that is simply indescribable. The fascination found across the valley of Pahalgam is splendid and offer an enigmatic pleasure to both the natives and tourists. The lush vistas stretched in miles with exquisite backdrops of snow-capped mountains gives it a serene look with loads of enticing flavours and hues. Located at above 2700 metres above the sea level, this place is a wonder within itself and capable to make you fall in love in an instant. The beauty and charm of Pahalgam is nearly impossible describe in words especially when your each to the incredible Sheshnag Lake. Not to forget the Baisaran that is often noted by tourists as a mini Switzerland in this part of the world.

Natural Artistry in Gulmarg

Nestled at nearly 3100 metres above sea level at 55kms away from the city of Srinagar, the sprawling and mesmerizing region of Gulmarg is an enchanting experience for everyone to discover the quintessential beauty and charm of the Mother Nature. Featuring an abundant variety of stunning landscapes across the slopes of the valley, Gulmarg is a spectacular blend of various hues in one place. Once used to be a stranded place, now Gulmarg has become a snow-capped hotspot with plenty of amenities available. The delight Gulmarg valley offers is perfect for families, solo travellers and groups planning a retreat to explore the divinity of nature available in this part of the world and gives a glimpse of how heaven must appears like.

Fantastic Dining and Hospitality

Kashmir is known to be a great place to explore the natural landscapes, but there is one more thing that will surely offer you a dazzling and paradise alike experience and that will be the gastronomy and hospitality natives are offering. With some great dishes like Rogan Josh, Modur Pulav, Dum Olav, Lloydur Tschaman, Skyu, Thukpa and Momos are a few things that you will rejoice the most during your trip to Kashmir apart from occasional instant noodles. Furthermore, Kashmiri hospitality is awesome and you will find plenty of people with warm heart offering you a delightful experience during your voyage to the valley.

Sailing across Dal Lake

In the entire Kashmir, if there is one thing that has brought attention of everyone, it has to be the famous Dal Lake. The extraordinary scene of natural beauty that has become a cultural phenomenon, Dal Lake is a charismatic place where everyone wishes to visit for at least once during the trip. Prominent among newlyweds and people going for romantic trip to Kashmir, Dal Lake is a spectacular mixture of freshness, Bollywood style romance and outstanding view of the surroundings. The magnificent delight you will find during a magical Shikara Ride will be among the most romantic and exquisite experiences of all time in Kashmir. Furthermore, the beauty of this lake will surely let you forget all the fears, stress and bad thoughts in one go.

It would be appropriate to say that Kashmir is safe depending on the number of flights to Srinagar on daily basis from various parts of the world and if you think you still need more proof, you can search around people flying there for holidays with their near and dear ones. The beauty of Kashmir is really remarkable and there is no stopping from people to visit and explore the rich diversity of nature, culture and lifestyle existing there. So, if you too are feeling deprived from a taste of heaven all these years, then here is a perfect opportunity for you to go and explore the everlasting range of whimsical beauty of this gorgeous plateau by booking your Kashmir holiday packages from ASAPHolidays.com today to save massive on a forthcoming delightful and heavenly trip to the pristine lands of Kashmir.

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