10 Places around Mumbai for Weekend Travel

Mumbaikars are among those who experience the life in the most stressful way and the only time one can get off from the daily busy schedule is the weekends. Since, Mumbai has its own beaches and places nearby, it is easy to find out some of the finest places you can go and enjoy a weekend with friends and family. However, finding the perfect one for weekend is difficult and to solve this riddle for you, we have come up with a list of 10 places around Mumbai for weekend travel that will give you some quality time to rejuvenate your life and have a quality time with your near and dear ones.

1. Karnala Bird Sanctuary

A perfect wildlife sanctuary nestled on the Mumbai-Goa Highway, Karnala bird sanctuary is among the most beautiful landscapes in the state of Maharashtra. Featuring a massive array of migrant and native bird species residing here throughout the year, this 5kms vast landscape comprises an avid beauty of nature. Experience the tranquillizing beauty of the nature and have a refreshing quality time by planning a brief weekend trip to this extraordinary place that is situated just 60kms away from the city.

2. Karjat

A dazzling piece of the artistry of nature, Karjat is a spellbinding place that appears to be like an oasis with loads of exciting landscapes. The refreshing attraction of Karjat is a scenic natural scape, sufficient enough to give you a quality time with your near and dear ones to take the stress off and steer away from the busy life for some time. Furthermore, the proximity from the city which takes less than a couple of hours to reach makes it a perfect place to go and spend your weekend in a quality way.

3. Alibag

Alibag is among the most famous places for Mumbaikars to enjoy some great escape on the weekends and indulge selves into something a bit adventurous and spellbinding. The array of captivating activities here at this beach destination makes it a perfect hideout for tourists to enjoy some weekend adventures with ease and within the budget. Furthermore, the proximity which makes it less than 100kms away from the city of Mumbai, you can drive your way through here and have some great days away from all the stress and discomfort in the world.

4. Lonavala & Khandala

The duo destination of Lonavala and Khandala are among the most famous and indulging places in the entire Maharashtra state. Featuring an abundant variety of spellbinding landscapes and quaint features, these places are considered ideal for people looking for a bit more comfort and cosy experiences away from the city of Mumbai. It takes only a couple of hours and less than 6000-7000 per person on an average to have a weekend away from Mumbai in Lonavala and Khandala. The vibrant beauty of these places are something that is hard to describe in words if you know where to find.

5. Amboli

The spectacular hill-station located at less than 500kms away from the city of Mumbai, Amboli is a great marvel of the nature and often dubbed as the "Queen of Maharashtra". The sprawling remote town of Amboli lushes with an abundant range of hills and mountains that consist of water streams, waterfalls, ecological hubs and so much more. The vibrant variety of flora and fauna of the Amboli are absolutely perfect for families to enjoy a weekend here without any stress.

6. Raigarh

Standing tall amidst the glorious Sahyadri mountain range of Mahad, Raigarh Fort is among the most incredible and delighting places in a close proximity from the Mumbai. Home to many astonishing stories singing the tales of the famous Maratha king Shivaji, this place is a scenic amalgamation of nature and ancient architecture. The spellbinding surroundings give a superlative pleasure to the tourists and offer a relishing experience. Furthermore, with a proximity that is less than 175kms from the city, Raigarh Fort is a great weekend escape.

7. Kolad

If your idea of weekend getaways involves adrenaline rush and loads of thrilling activities, then visiting Kolad on your upcoming weekends will be a great idea. This small village area situated on the banks of Kundalika Rivers, this majestic place is ideal to go for numerous activities such as rafting, paragliding, sailing, kayaking, camping and so much more. Additionally, with a close proximity from both Mumbai and Pune, this place makes a great hotspot for weekend getaways among youngsters, college students and young employees.

8. Ghats of Malshej

The trip to Malshej Ghat is among the most sprawling weekend experiences you can have in the proximity of Mumbai. Described by its name, Malshej Ghat is a panoramic pass between two mountains of Sahyadris. The pristine beauty of this place is absolutely wonderful and sufficient enough to relax your mind and body. Furthermore. With a distance of less than 125kms away, this place is perfect for fun, adventure and serene experiences. Additionally, with rugged off-beat attractions in the surrounding will make your weened even more spectacular.

9. Jawhar

For people who are looking for something less touristy to steer away from the bustling and honking streets of the famous attractions, Jawhar is a mong the best places you can come across in a close proximity of the Mumbai. Located at less than 150kms away from the city, Jawhar is boasted with wonderful natural settings, rich cultural heritage and awe-inspiring beauty of the surroundings. With features like waterfalls, viewpoints, heritage sites and more, Jawhar makes among the finest places for weekends in Maharashtra.

10. Goa

This may probably sound cliché and moreover a hyped option, but a list for weekend getaways around Mumbai is incomplete without mentioning Goa. The promising city of Goa is among the most famous and enthralling attractions of all times in India and a perfect place to go for weekend holidays. Getting your weekend holiday package in Goa is the best thing you can go for and with loads of exciting elements like booze, nightlife, beaches, natural attractions, cultural attributes and more, you can surely have the best time of your life whilst savouring on the incredible weekend extravaganza.

In various studies, it is shown that weekend travelling is a perfect way to take the stress from the body and have a quality and long life. As a result, millions of people around the world have begun to follow this trend to stay healthy, happy and refreshing throughout. So, take the steam off from your head by booking your upcoming weekend travels with ASAPHolidays.com today and begin saving massive whilst savouring on an incredible getaway experience with loads of happening delights and luxuries.

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