10 Places around Delhi to go on weekends

People living in the cities like Delhi know the pressure of how we face every day and get tucked into bed by the end of the day with all the stress and discomfort in the world. In the chase of our daily bread and butter, we are compromising on many things and heading towards a meaningless future. So, how about for a change in the way you are living these days and enjoy life a bit without compromising your future. The answer to this big riddle lies in a simple activity called as weekend travel. Travel is a healer of our mind, body and soul and those who take every opportunity of travelling are found much efficient in their work life as well as happy in the personal life. So, if you have been living in Delhi and looking for some great options for some holidays, we have a list of 10 places around Delhi to go on weekends that will give you a clear picture of where you should go next and loosen-up yourself a bit.

1. Shimla

Shimla is among the most visited weekend getaway destination for North Indians that are looking to have a small weekend getaway amidst the beauty of nature and enigmatic variety of landscapes. Featuring an abundant variety of picturesque attractions to beat the heat of the summer season and witness the snow-capped mountains, Shimla makes an ideal place for holidays throughout the year. With activities like camping, rafting, trekking and sightseeing, people enjoy a great deal of time here and steer away from the hectic life down south.

2. Nainital

The scenic refreshing beauty of Nainital requires no introduction. The pristine town of Uttarakhand, Nainital is a perfect combination of culture, lifestyle and exquisite natural landscapes. With the biggest highlight of Naini Lake and an abundant number of outstanding attractions, Nainital makes among the finest weekend holiday destinations from Delhi/NCR. Often dubbed as the Lake Paradise, Nainital is a spectacular attraction to go with friends, family or even alone.

3. Rishikesh

Arguably among the most visited getaway destinations in the entire North India and a great hotspot to find peace, tranquillity and adventurous activities all at one place, Rishikesh is a spectacular amalgamation of spirituality, religion, culture, lifestyle, nature and what not. With activities available like trekking, white water rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, kayaking, riverside camping, spiritual classes and many more, you can have a great escape with your college buddies here and get to know the nature better.

4. Lansdowne

A charismatic combination of natural surroundings and fewer crowd, Lansdowne is a gorgeous hill-station in the North India, ideally famous for its calm, cosy and cold terrains. Living here in the cottages and exploring the surrounding hill areas are the biggest highlights here and thousands of people throughout the year are found enjoying weekend holidays in Lansdowne and skipping all the stress in the world amidst the gorgeous natural surroundings.

5. Kasauli

One of the most captivating attractions in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli is a magnificent place to beat the heat and stress of the cities like Delhi and get close to the Mother Nature and its nourishing attributes. Cloaked by the mist of mountains, gorgeous hills and exquisite slopes and tranquillizing weather conditions, Kasauli makes an ideal weekend holiday destination from Delhi for budget travellers. Additionally, with its great proximity and an abundant variety of activities like train rides, Tibetan delicacies, cultural shopping and more will be ideal for a perfect weekend getaway.

6. McLeod Ganj

A charming settlement in the Kangda Province, McLeod Ganj is one of the emerging and leading weekend holiday destinations in the North India and witnessed by thousands of tourists from distinct parts of the region. With activities like trekking to the Triund, visit to the Bhagasu Falls, fine dining experience, shopping, tour to the Dalai Lama Temple and much more, you can have a weekend full of adventure, surprises and outstanding pleasures. Additionally, the tranquillizing weather conditions are ideal to beat the heat of the summer season and enjoy a quality time away for a weekend getaway.

7. Jim Corbett National Park

People who are looking for a weekend getaway that can take them away from all the bustling streets and chaotic environment, then you must plan a visit to the gorgeous Jim Corbett National Park. Noted as the oldest national park in India, Jim Corbett houses a number of extraordinary attributes that can transform your weekend into a majestic experience and obliterate all the stress in mind and body. Furthermore, the proximity is perfect to have a holiday here without getting a strain on body or making a hectic weekend.

8. Mukteshwar

Located amidst the scenic settings of nature and outstanding freshness, Mukteshwar is a delightful weekend getaway destination from Delhi, perfect to enjoy a couple, family and solo trip to the high altitude. With its whimsical surrounding encompassing across the mountains and valleys, Mukteshwar is a pleasant experience to both mind and body that can offer much more than just some time off from your daily routine. Needless to say, you will be steering away from the pollution of the metropolitan city and fill your lungs with freshness and purity of nature.

9. Kufri

A top choice for Delhiites looking for a long weekend getaway destination, Kufri is a picturesque and desired place to go and spend the entire weekend with friends and family. Featuring a massive variety of landscapes spanning in miles of areas, Kufri is a scintillating experience to the people who need to get off their minds from everything that has put the strain on body and brain. The lucrative snow-capped mountains here are among the prominent reasons why people love to visit here throughout the year and enjoy a great time with their near and dear ones.

10. Ranikhet

An astounding off-beat destination, prominently known among tourists for a refreshing, unique and adorable experience, Ranikhet is one of the most enigmatic places you can come across in the proximity of Delhi. Dubbed as “Queen’s Meadow”, Ranikhet is a superlative place that is boasted with world-class natural beauty and a massive stretch of slopes with green surface spanning to acres and giving the entire place a majestic experience that is nearly impossible to describe in words. The affordability as well as proximity makes it one of the most idea weekend holiday destinations from Delhi.

In the coming season, finding a perfect place for a weekend getaway will require a bit more research then the usual and in order to make sure you have a great and stress-free weekend, you might need to select places like we have mentioned above. So, in coming weeks, you can easily plan out a holiday to the places that will suit your requirements by booking your weekend holiday packages from Delhi with ASAPHolidays.com and save massive whilst we are the one who will take care of everything and all you have to do is enjoy a delighting weekend.

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