Most Promising UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

India is called the Incredible India for many reasons and one of them is the rich heritage the country has been housing for centuries. The wide array of attractions falling under the category has been among the major contributing factors of why tourists from distinct parts of the world enjoy exploring the streets and off-the-beaten-paths of the country. So, in case you have been wondering of what you have missed so far and looking to get updated on the rich heritage of India, here we are with a list of off-beat UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India that will be really intriguing.

Khangchendzonga National Park, Sikkim

Perfectly nestled in the Sikkim district, the enigmatic and charming and engaging complex of Khangchendzonga National Park is one of the most enticing and wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Site that is a perfect place to go and explore the natural heritage of the northeast India and discover the eternal bliss in the form of flora and fauna found in the region. Furthermore, the proximity from the famous cities of the Sikkim state such as Gangtok, it makes it easy to reach here and have a quality time getting to know about the rich nature available here isolated amidst the Himalayan Mountain Range.

Nalanda Archaeological Site, Bihar

For people who enjoy digging deep to uncover many untold stories and heritage will definitely enjoy the recent addition in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, the archaeological site of Nalanda Mahavihara in the state of Bihar. The promising site excavated here houses a wonderful range of institutions that goes back to 13th century and offer a wonderful span of structures and architectures including the shrines, stupas and an array of buildings used then for residential and educational purposes. The best part about this excavated site has been the usage of variety of stones and metals that are not just genius in terms of architecture, but also artistic enough to become a completely unique composition of architecture.

Pattadakal, Bagalkot, Karnataka

Pattadakal Monument Group is among the most scenic and rich places you can find in the state of Karnataka. Based on the famous Chalukya architectural pattern (combination of various traditional architectural styles), Pattadakal is truly a delight to visit and among the most promising tourist destinations. In recent years, Pattadakal has become a prominent UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country and consist of 8 temples and ample of other structures spanning in a massive complex. The highlight among all the structures here are the Virupaksha Temple, Galganath Temple, Cghandra shekhara Temple and more that will totally leave you spellbound.

Chola Temples, Tamil Nadu

Choa Temples in Tamil Nadu are among the most amazing and reputed attractions of the region, ideally famous for their astounding structure that is based on the Chola architecture style. The exquisite and appealing history and rich heritage of the place has been the reason of making Chola Temples a part of the rich UNESCO World Heritage Site list and offers a unique experience of witnessing the wonderful structure that has been treasuring a remarkable range of rich history and cultural relevance. Furthermore, with fewer crowd exploring this place every year, you will find an abundant things about Chola Temples and why this place is so important. Some of the highlights you will witness here is the Brihandisvara Temple, Airavatesvara Temple and more.

Rani Ki Vav, Patan, Gujarat

Stepwells in India have been a great catch for tourists in past a few years now and if you are seeking something that is really wonderful, ancient and relevant at the same time, then you must pay a visit to the Rani Vav in the Patan district of Gujarat. This exciting place has been an attention drawer for tourists visiting the western regions of India and giving an enchanting combination of artistic carvings, walls, structures, architectural beauty, historical relevance and cultural beliefs. Built in 11th century close to the banks of the Saraswati River by King Bhimdev Solanki, Rani Ki Vav is a picturesque experience more than just a place to visit and explore.
Apparently, there are a massive number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites across the India that will be equally or even more intriguing, but if you wish to dodge the massive crowds whilst exploring the everlasting beauty and massive weight of awesomeness, then you must consider the places mentioned above to ensure a charming getaway experience whilst discovering the rich heritage of the country. You can also get in touch with right away to get your holidays booked within the budget and explore the massive collection of UNESCO World heritage sites across the India and save huge.

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