Best Beaches in India for Winter Holidays

India has over 7500 kilometres of long stretch covered with the gorgeous beaches and if you have been a big fond of coastal areas during the summer to get some steam off, then you must consider the paradox of visiting those beaches in the other time of the year for some winter sun. Southern beaches of India tend to have best weather conditions in winter season and if you are looking for warm and sunny days in the season, here are the best Indian beaches for winter holidays that will both come in your budget and give you a mind-blowing experience all together.

1. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman

The absolute combination of natural serenity and outstanding diversity, Radhanagar Beach is among the most ravishing and outstanding beaches you can find across the coastline of India. Acclaimed by Times Magazine for being the finest Beach in the entire Asia in 2004, Radhanagar Beach is an impeccable place where you can go and enjoy some sun, sand and sea even during the winter season. The vast stretch of sandy beach here is extremely gorgeous and have ample of space to go and lay down to enjoy the winter sun. There are some magnificent activities available at Radhanagar beach that will give you a twist of adventure on a laid-back getaway experience.

2. Lighthouse Beach, Kerala

Kovalam is known to be among the most promising and enjoyable destinations in the God's Own Country Kerala, and if you are up for some soothing experiences with tranquilizing attributes in the winter, then Lighthouse Beach will give you the most engaging experiences of all time in the region. The place is a vibrant combination of mesmerizing landscape diversity with a garnishing of heritage architectures. Kovalam is famous for being a soothing place to visit throughout the year and hardly affected by the seasons. Thus, it makes it even more engaging to enjoy the summer spirits in this time of the year and get some vitamin D along with it.

3. Om Beach, Karnataka

For those that have the idea of beach holidays in winter involving adventure sports and plenty of beach activities, Om Beach in Gokarana, Karnataka is a fabulous option to enjoy the white sand beaches as well as loads of exquisite landscapes spread around. Got its name after the mirror shape of symbol "OM" by the adjoining coves, this place is a really popular site among both natives and tourists. Furthermore, the weather condition here remains promising throughout the year and winters can be as beautiful and soothing as you can find summers.

4. Dhanushkodi Beach, Tamil Nadu

The southernmost coasts of the India, Dhanushkodi is truly a magical place for those who are seeking some great fun with some spiritual beliefs, outstanding natural serenity and fabulous weather conditions. Dhanushkodi is a small beach located at the southern edge of the Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu and is known among leisure tourists as well as pilgrims for significant reasons. Seen a massive devastation in early 60s by a deadly cyclone, Dhanushkodi is now a magnificent getaway option where you can get soaked in the beauty of the nature whilst enjoying some quality dips without being worried about the cold water or weather.

5. Agonda Beach, Goa

Finally, an option you must have been looking for all this time, Agonda Beach of Goa is a perfect example of soothing backdrops, adventurous coasts and laid-back beaches with shining bright skies and loads of colourful huts, shacks and benches decorating the landscape. The bewitching beach of Agonda is known to be among the most famous beaches of the entire Goa and is secluded by the location away from the main hub. Furthermore, the activities available here will give you a fascinating experience apart from the sunbathe, swimming and more. So, if your idea of winter holidays on beach revolves around the fascination of natural beauty along with culture and nightlife, Agonda Beach will be the best possible option for you.

Apparently, the list can go as long as you need, but if you are looking for best of the best beach experiences in the winter, then above-mentioned places will give you the most striking delight whilst keeping your winter holidays in budget. So, next time, whenever you crave for some beach holidays in the winter season, do consider the places we have stated above for booking your retreats with ASAP Holidays and rest assured for having the best time of your life.

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