Top 5 Must Visit Eco-Friendly Destinations in India

People from distinct parts of the world are profound by the cultural diversity and range of gastronomy found in India. However, if you are ready to look a bit deeper, you will find much more vividness in your own country that will give you plenty of reasons to pack your bags and explore these magnificent and pristine places. The natural beauty spread across various corners of the country is really remarkable and if you are looking for something really magical, then you must visit the eco-friendly destinations of India that value the beauty of the Mother Nature and consider preserving it rather than putting it under the knife in the name of development. So, without further ado, we are giving you a list of top 5 must visit eco-friendly destinations in India that will definitely blow your mind away.

1. Khangchendzonga National Park, Sikkim

Probably one of the most prestigious national parks in the entire nation and the only biosphere reserve, Khangchendzonga National Park, Sikkim is a place that is noted for being on a high altitude and provides a superlative array of remarkable wilderness with pure scenes of nature. Here, you will be witnessing a massive diversity of vegetation as well as medical herbs plantation used and exported globally. Furthermore, the variety of fauna found here is really massive and rare to be found elsewhere and are preserved by various authorities active in Sikkim region. So, if you are looking for a whole package of eco-friendly system, Khangchendzonga is a place to be.

2. Khonoma Village, Nagaland

Once used to be a great hunting ground of tragopans by the native tribes to find the subject of sustenance, Khonoma Village, Nagaland is now a perfect place where you can watch the nature flourishing at a fast pace. After witnessing a deteriorating natural span across the region, natives have banned all the actions such as killing the endangered species, cutting the trees and more. Hence, the place has become among the eco-friendliest destinations in the entire region and people from across the world are coming here to witness the rare species of flora and fauna found in the region.

3. Galgibaga Beach, Goa

Often noted as the cleanest beach in the entire Goa, Galgibaga Beach is among the most visited and naturally rich beaches in the region. The eco-friendly attitude adopted by the natives as well as tourists around this beach has made it a perfect place for some outstanding naturally rich beaches in the entire country. Hence, Galgibaga Beach is noted is among the most secluded beaches in India and offers a solitary beauty of the palm trees and sandy beaches. Furthermore, being less interrupted by the development and pollution by the mankind, this place is a great place to spectate the olive ridley turtles nesting during the winters.

4. Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, Uttarakhand

A promising UNESCO World Heritage Site that is known for its magnificent altitude and rich diversity, Nanda Devi National Park is a perfect example of eco-friendly destination in India. Not only, the place is secluded from any sort of human development and the high altitude in the Uttarakhand region, but the fascinating span of over 600 species dotting this massive landscape gives it a perfect reason to be a peerless eco-friendly destination. For people who consider wildlife, nature, wilderness and purity of nature above leisure, this place will be a treat for them.

5. Kerala Backwaters

The backwaters of Kerala are among the most unique features you can find exclusively in India where you get to cruise around the scenic canals in a superlative and luxurious houseboat that is furnished with world-class amenities. Furthermore, during the cruising, you will get to discover the awe-inspiring range of natural landscapes that are really gorgeous and dreamy especially for newlyweds and romantic couples for a dreamy honeymoon. The natural beauty here is really spectacular and the eco-friendly environment will give you a feeling of being living amidst natural heaven.

The natural bliss stretched across the India is really magnificent and if your idea of travelling abroad is to witness the sheer bliss of the natural scenery, then after reading the above-mentioned options, you must be reconsidering the options. It is often said by avid travellers that India has so much to explore that people from around the world love to visit here instead of going to other cliché destinations. So, explore the vividness and purity of nature in your motherland by going through these amazing sites. To help you more in planning a perfect trip, ASAP Holidays is at your service to prepare a tailor-made, cheap holiday package for your upcoming holidays.

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