Voyaging Through the Majestic Lands of Rajasthan

The melting-pot of the cultures and kaleidoscope of history, Rajasthan is among the most ravishing and exquisitely unbelievable destinations you can come across in the entire nation. Home to many incredible cities, towns and remote regions that are the treasures of the rich modern history, Rajasthan is a perfect mix of natural bliss and outstanding culture. Visited by thousands of tourists coming for holidays in Rajasthan India every month, this state of north western region of India has nearly everything you may seek on an impeccable visit to India. From majestic forts to pristine step-wells and deserts, Rajasthan will take you to the journey that connects past with present. In case, you are intrigued by the introduction of this massive collection of divine attributes, then here are some of the most prominent cities you might love to explore whilst voyaging through the majestic lands of Rajasthan.

1. Jaipur

Often dubbed as the Pink City, the gorgeous city of Jaipur is among the most prominent tourist destinations in the state of Rajasthan and a major gateway for tourists visiting this region of India from other parts of the world. The beauty of the city is constantly giving people reasons to take Rajasthan holiday packages and explore this majestic city with endless possibilities. Home to a massive number of historical places and architectures that are mixing with plenty of modern places, Jaipur is a complete package of past, present and future. Although, if you love to explore the history and massive structures related with the past, you will be astonished by the massive array of attractions homing in the city.

Udaipur is considered to be among the most pristine and soothing cities in the entire state and dubbed by the avid travellers as the Venice of the East. Featuring a number of lakes, divine structures, historical architectures, dazzling hills, temples, gardens and much more, Udaipur is an absolute treat from the imperial history of north-western India. Not only the history, the present here is really astounding and will please you with some magnificent options such as visiting the royal palaces, luxurious hotel properties, incredible lake shores, solar observatory and much more that will give you plenty of reasons to plan your holidays in Rajasthan over and over again.

On the contrary of the cities like Jaipur and Udaipur, Jaisalmer is more of a cultural region and has down-to-earth lifestyle with rugged nature. Surrounded by the Thar’s deserted area in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is a fascinating combination of leisure, natural beauty and adventure. Visited by both Indian natives as well as tourists for desert safari, sand dunes, camel rides and marvellous sunsets in the deserts, this part of Rajasthan is for adventure lovers and people that enjoy camping. Furthermore, the villages in the area are the real highlights where you will be able to witness the impeccable lifestyle that is still influenced from the rich past of the Rajasthan.

The treasure of rich history that nestled next to the Indo-Pak Border, Bikaner is among the most pristine cities you can find in the state of Rajasthan that is boasted with some of the most fascinating architectures from the 16th century. The city is filled with some of the finest relics from the history and culture of the state and offer an enigmatic journey with plenty of handsome experiences. Places like Laxminath Temple, Junagarh Fort, memorials of Bikaji Dynasty and many more will surely give you an experience that will make their way into your memory book and stay with you forever. Furthermore, the hospitality of Bikaner is world-class and will give you an imperial staying experience.

The city of forts and thriving culture, Jodhpur is a fascinating example of contrast in architecture as well as a fabulous place to explore the historic grandeur. Jodhpur is a prominent as well as among the most famous places known for their textiles and marketplaces in the state of Rajasthan. The jewels of the city including Mehrangarh Fort, Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, Toorji Step Well, Phool Mahal, Balsamand Lake, Umaid Bhavan and many more places will truly give you an experience you neither expect nor forget. Additionally, Jodhpur is known to be a great place to learn not just about the history and culture, but also the depth of artistry exists in the region.

The above-mentioned cities are just the glimpse of what you should expect on your trip through this gorgeous state of India and there are much more than these five cities that will truly take you down the roads of fascinating tales and give you a chance to dwell in the relics of the past with loads of enigmatic experiences. So, if you have this keen desire of exploring the culture and history of India, then plan your upcoming holidays in Rajasthan and consider the services of ASAP Holidays to serve you with countless perks and outstanding experiences with huge savings.

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