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For many of us, travelling is a way of following our dreams and hobbies, for others, its an impeccable idea to discover the culture and lifestyle in distinct parts of the world. Since the time we all began to travel, our main was always to make our voyages economical that often lead to sacrificing many luxuries and fewer experiences that were somewhat important. So, if you think, it's time for you to break out from the shell and witness the flip side of travelling, then you must consider planning your upcoming voyages to the following places to take a leap in to luxury and savour on the brilliant and vibrant attributes these places have to offer:

1. Maldives

For families, couples and even solo travellers, Maldives has always been a pleasant destination that offer a whole lot of magnificent experiences. However, in most of the travel guides and holiday package itineraries, you will find same cheap and easily affordable activities that might give you the basic joy but will definitely make you feel left out on some beautiful delights. Maldives in particular has a massive array of adorable experiences spanning from underwater dining experiences to snorkelling, access to the private beaches and much more. Hence, if you are ready to go behind those budget holiday experiences and discover a whole different range of pleasures, Maldives has an infinite pool of delights.

The enigmatic beauty of Switzerland is really fabulous and many of us have only seen in movies and travel shows. Since, the country is not so easy to fall under tight budgets, we are missing out the fabulous delights this exquisite nation has to offer. From train rides around the Swiss Alps to gorgeous plains, UNESCO sites, lakeside cities and much more, there are loads of fascinating attributes that we are missing. Hence, if you love to cherish a refreshing getaway with a massive variety of scenic landscapes and awe-inspiring cultural attractions, planning an opulent trip to Switzerland is a perfect idea.

In recent years, newlyweds have found another side of the world to enjoy the first vacation on the honeymoon. The exposure of such sort of tourists for Indonesia became like a boon that brought the best of the country among tourists and gave them plenty of good reasons to plan a luxurious trip to Indonesia. From marvellous beaches to tranquilizing plains, awe-inspiring temples, rich history, lip-smacking gastronomy and much more are just the basic things you can find in the Indonesian cities such as Bali. Furthermore, since newlyweds are looking for some sheer pleasure of warm hospitality, the delights of staying in the opulent hotels is also becoming a popular attribute. So, if you are a newlywed couple and thinking to make your honeymoon a ravishing experience, Indonesia will be a perfect opportunity.

4. Greece

Even though, many mainland cities of Greece are easy to afford for many tourists from various parts of the world, the best of the Greek culture, nature and lifestyle comes with a cost. A trip to Santorini will surely give you a majestic experience of being on the earthy version of paradise with so many dreamy and magical attributes. From sunset to delicious food, grooving music, awesome cruises and extraordinary sightseeing will be the experiences that you will cherish in your memories for the rest of your life. The hospitality available in Greece is also high-quality and will worth every single penny spent on your packages.

5. Hawaii

Hawaiian Islands hold the reputation across the globe for being naturally rich and exquisite in terms of hospitality. Hence, these two reasons are perfect to plan a trip here. The fabulous range of hotels and resorts available here is really remarkable that give you not just luxurious rooms, but plenty of stunning features that enhance the experience to manifolds. With great cruises, snorkelling, deep sea diving, hiking, parties, carnivals, resort stays, private beach exploration and much more, a luxurious trip to Hawaii will open the doors of many heavenly experiences for you.

6. Dubai

Middle-East is the home to many picturesque and desired destinations and for people who are willing to witness the best of the best this region has to offer, one must plan a trip to Dubai. The fascinating city that is known for many enigmatic features such as Burj Khalifa, Atlantis the Palm, Burj Al Arab, Desert Safari, Mall of the Emirates and much more, Dubai is a perfect combination of luxury and culture. A luxurious trip to Dubai will open new doors of experiences for you that includes peerless hospitality, visiting the tallest building, strolling around in some of the biggest malls in the world, savouring on the international gastronomy made by the celebrity chefs and much more.

It won't be incorrect to say that you can make any voyage a luxurious experience provided you are willing to drop the habit of bringing budget in everything. No matter whether you have plans to visit Goa or thinking to have a romantic retreat in Paris, the everlasting range of experiences spanning from budget to expensive are massive. Furthermore, these experiences will give you a whole different picture that will make you understand the respective destination and its culture better. So, bring some change in your regular travelling and consider to go a bit more luxurious by booking your holiday packages with ASAP Holidays and feel the difference that will be extremely delightful.

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