11 Things to do during your Golden Temple visit

With your entry at Amritsar, Punjab city you will get attracted with every minute thing. Hope this list help to make your journey memorable.

1. Daytime Darshan at Golden Temple

The major attraction of Amritsar is Golden Temple. No one can stay without its visit. With a great excitement and feel of devotion there are around 100,000 people on daily basis. You have to stand in a long queue which is on quick rotation moment. According to the legends this queue symbolizes a bridge where your soul self attracts the divine positivity away from the outside negativity. While you are waiting you can admire the architectural beauty and historical details of the place. The sound of prayer helps to energies you up to the soul. Also take the clock-wise rounds of this holiest place and try to read written text there.

2. Visit Golden temple during evening

Get the unique magical charm of Golden Temple complex in the evening. During evening or night time the power of unique tranquility from the universe naturally merges into the sounds of prayers. It will naturally convey a message of calm, care and support to needy ones along with the strength of deep meditation.

3. Collect lot of blessings with a feel of devotee

Firstly enter in the complex with your down head in order to pay the devotion. Enter in the temple with barefoot and covered head to collect the blessings of God. Even some devotees also take the duty of shoe cleaning and its safe storage area. The place is also popular for a sweet (Kdah Prashad) which you have to collect from both the hands. Also take a look at basic sign of Sikhism known as Nishan Sahib.

4. Serve and eat in huge dining hall

A huge dining area (Guru ka Langar) is inside the Golden Temple complex for serving the food to entire devotees on daily basis. One has to obey the instructions related to proper sitting in line formation, cover your head, respect the food, wait until organizers reach up to you and don’t left behind anything in your plate. Male sure inside the complex the things related to alcohol, meat and smoking are strictly prohibited.

5. Help in the world’s largest free kitchen

You can also help in the cooking and serving of food for a unique sense of positivity. It is not a tough task it is quite easy. Even you can choose according to your capability like assist in cooking, dish washing or staff accordingly shows their systematic work like in which part they need your help. This act of serving will provide you a sense of inner satisfaction. 

6. Observe the soothing and calmness around the lake

In the evening, there is beautiful enchanting experience around the holy lake. You can feel this heavenly peace with the lay down near the lake with closed eyes. The deep inner sense provides you the best feel with the peaceful sounds. Must try this unforgettable experience!

7. Cover the surroundings of Golden Temple

Most of the crowd loves to walk around the lake to see the Golden temple surroundings. It is a perfect site to get the complete view of the beautiful build Sikh temple. Also learn about the historical events related to Sikh Gurus. The place has very loving thing in its architecture with its opening way to all the four sides which symbolizes openness to all people from different religions.

8. Observe surrounding life around the temple

Life at and around Golden Temple is well admiring and peaceful which one can observe from the terrace near the trees. It is great place to look after the graceful architecture in a form of snow white colored buildings around the holy water of this world renowned Sikh religious place.

9. Resting arrangement inside the complex

With the popularity at National and International level, this popular religious place is visiting by many Sikhs pilgrims’ from time to time for Guru darshan. For their resting arrangement there is good space in a form of Guest Quarters especially for international Sikh visitors and also around 400 rooms for others.

10. Learn & know more about Sikhism

Everyone knows about the fact that Punjabis or especially Sikhs are friendly people. So, if you have any curious thing in your mind then you can converse with the local people which are easily available in Golden Temple complex. Even look at their excitement they are willing to explain everything about their religion. Without any hesitation, one can get the knowledge about Sikh way of life along with their particular five identities of wooden comb, cotton undergarments, uncut hairs, meal bracelet and curved sword.    

11. Dip into the holy water

The holy lake around the Golden Temple has its own significance. According to Sikhism, this water consists of immortal nectar ‘Amrit’. So, if you want to follow Sikh rituals then have a dip or just wash your hands and face with a great feel of devotee. At the evening time, the lighting of entire complex provides the unique charm to this holy water.

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