Soak up the energetic ambience of popular drinking hotspots of India

Are you a drinking appetizer then India’s popular watering holes waiting for you? The unique cool places have the energy to boost up your happiness quotient. These trendy chill out places offer exceptional services within the musical ambience. You can put your step in the happy and charming hours for an understanding conversation with your loved one. In the interesting diverse crowd, one can get unparalleled sense of sophistication. The serving artists of popular bars attract their customer with their unique serving styles.

Head out for such kickass places and taste the sips of your favorite drink. India has driven the tradition of such public houses “Pubs” from the western countries. Nowadays, the place of such cocktails and mocktails are like heavenly beauty for equally male and female world. With the creative drink menus, pubs are like best meeting places. The modern and classy designs give energetic feel with the comfortable couches for you and your friend company. The partying hotspots also have mash up with casinos where you can try your luck on the wheel of fortune.

Club Cubana, Goa

Club Cubana in the central party location of Goa covers almost every single bar facility. This all time fun quotient area is perfect for your nighttime. It is an ultimate place to coordinate your feet on the dancing beats. With an adventure spirit, this club is fully covered with young hearts. In the modest big area within pool surroundings you will enjoy the high rated fun. The flashing lights also pay their major contribution in the fantastic look of this nightclub.

Dome, Mumbai

With a special introduction, Dome is a prime area to overcome your weekend boring routine. Within the lovely ambience, you will definitely feel a love is in the air like spirit! The inspiring place holds elegant sitting arrangement on the top of Icon Hotel. The soothing music in the evening time definitely lifts up your mood and offers you a memorable time! So give a dose of love to your senses under the starry sky-line. Dome also offers a splendid arrangement of candle-lighting for your beautiful get together.

AER, Mumbai

Are you wishing to enjoy a glass of drink at the highest rooftop bar then Aer, Mumbai is waiting for you at Hotel Four Seasons? This breathtaking area covers the complete city view. This relaxing drinking paradise also has an arrangement of range of musical lists. This outstanding pub is well maintained by lightning and amazing interior. With the taste of delectable food, one can enjoy the entire view of Arabian Sea. This outstanding pub offers the lovely drink with the enthralling experience for inviting you again and again.

NASA Pub, Bangalore

Have a big wish to sit in a hi-tech space-shuttle and enjoy the sips of your favorite drink with your friend then try NASA Pub at the central location of Bangalore. From the port holes, you will get the orbit like feel and look out to visualize the earth in an interesting way.  The pub’s interior and exterior gives a complete resemblance to its name. The proper setup of asteroids, stars, rocket shapes and astronauts provides you an exciting feel of space travel. Nothing will excite than sipping of your favorite drink inside this surreal world. Must try it!

21 Fahrenheit, Mumbai

Get the most realistic chilling experience with your visit at 21 Fahrenheit, Mumbai. This Andheri located pub provides an Igloo like look. The freezing temperature gives a realistic touch with its interior set up along the neon lights, ice covered areas and extreme low temperature. In this zero degree set up, you will highly attract by alcohol serving ice-made glasses. In this Arctic like cool atmosphere, you have to need overcoat and other winter clothes for your complete enjoyment in a comfortable manner.

Bar Palladio, Jaipur

Do you want to celebrate like a royal man then enter Maharajas place. It will be entirely new experience under the feel of European touch. Bar Palladio is one the popular bars in India with its huge variety of wines within different categories. With the recent conversion of Narain Niwas into Bar Palladio by Marie Anne Oudejans, it will make Jaipur one of the most selectable cities. In the white and blue royal decor, one can enjoy the special heritage liqueur.

Amoda Spa Bar, Kolkata

Spend a whole relaxing day in Amoda Spa Bar while enjoying relaxing massages. This comfortable and luxurious set up offers you a buzzing bar look. With the chilling joy of drinking and eating, the place provides a complete energetic feel. One can spend his complete day within the high-end facilities of spa and Jacuzzis after that the chilling out experience of cold serving drinks.

Over the moon, Hyderabad

What an amazing name- Over the moon (OTM)! Enjoy your favorite sips to instantly open your taste buds. OTM offers the complete view of the city. Within an entertaining atmosphere you are heartily welcome by friendly and courteous staff. Plan your Saturday night at this fantastic place and open your bottles here with a big cheers. Also accompany with your best company at the site of OTM’s lounge sitting area. It is one of the popular nightclubs in the entire Hyderabad. So, try out this interesting list and collect your own joyful memories.

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