Make your own travel story by Joining Local Festivals of India

Are you a big fan of ancient mythological history then India is a best place to explore such treasures. Every joyful festival has interesting story behind its celebration.  It is a perfect way to reach up to the integral part of Indian culture. With the changing joyable forms, one can get variety in the ways of celebration from lights, colors up to sounds. With such decorative expressions of fun and get-together, we will also get plenty of reasons to love the craziness of festivals. Just because of this special worth, the local people are always waiting for the colorful dates of calendar. You may also make your own travel story with the best trip ever by joining local festivals of India.


Diwali- the festival of lights is prominent Hindu fest which provides a spectacular sightseeing with the lightening of doorsteps, rooftops and terraces. The day has long connection with past and it is celebrated on the return of Lord Rama with his wife and brother after a long exile of 14 years. So, the trend of this welcome increases day by day with the lightning, crackers bursting, new clothes, exchange of gifts and sweets. The family puja, decoration of houses and shops are major part of it. Diwali signifies hope over despair and good over evil.


Dusshera or an event of Ravan Dahan is celebrated twenty days before Diwali. The story has correlation with Diwali. During the particular time of Ravan Dahan, Lord Rama killed King Ravana with his brothers and sons on misbehave and act of kidnapping with his wife Sita. This victorious day depicts a hope of good over evil’s act. Presently, this festival is celebrated with the burning of huge effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarana and Meghnatha.


Navratri means devotion and faith of nine days. During these fasting days the entire surroundings is filled with peace with the beauty of meditation, puja and chanting of slokas. These nine days are very auspicious to start any new work. Women and girls are well treated and considered as a part of Goddess Durga. Devi Durga is a sign of power which similarly depicts the basic signs of a woman including motherhood, love, care, patience and last one power to protect herself.


Janam ashtami (eighth day) is a particular day to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. This religious fest has major popularity in Mathura and Vrindavan. The birth of Lord Krishna has interesting story with a basic purpose of evil’s (his maternal uncle) killing. At midnight (sharp 12 AM) is the birth time of Lord. So, throughout the day people become fasting and praying. Even one can view the life story of Krishna in temples with the picturization in a form of jhaankis.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi (fourth day) is one of colorful religious festival celebrated in respect of lord Ganesha. It is ten days long religious fest. Ganesh Puja is performed in big public pandals as well as homes. Before the particular day, entire markets are filled with handcrafted Ganesha idols in different sizes. People welcome the lord with several cultural activities of singing, dancing and different forms of prayers. At the last day, idol is immersed in the water body with lot of prayers to come soon next year with lot of blessings.


Gurpurab is one of the most important Sikh festivals of India. The arrangement of guru langars (community mean), Karah Prashad and teachings are held in the major assembly place of Gurudwaras. With the spiritual environment in such assemblies, people also lit up their homes with candles and lamps. The mesmerizing surroundings filled with hymn chanting attract the peace and attention of every person.

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan (thread of protection) is one of the popular festivals of India especially in Hindu religion. The day depicts the love between the beautiful relation of brother and sister. Rakhi is a sacred thread which a sister ties on the wrist of her brother with the pray of his well-being, wealth and long life. With the knot of Rakhi, sister also applies tilak and performs Aarti (Prayer) in return with the promise of her protection. So, Raksha Bandhan is one of the most beautiful days fully filled with love and care.


Eid is major festival of Muslim community. It is celebrated at the end of auspicious month of Ramadan. The day starts with a morning prayer, meet and greet of relatives and friends. This happy festival carries a ray of new happiness and joy on every person’s face. On the special day of Eid, happiness increases with the exchange of gifts, sweets and new clothes. Idi is popular as money or gift to younger by elders.


Bihu is famous as harvesting fest of North East India. It is a month long traditional celebration performed in village fields. With a community feast this joyous time is enjoyably spend with Bihu dance in traditional clothes. For Assamese, this particular time is most awaiting time in a form of their new year.


Hemis is popular as a birth anniversary of Tibet Tantric Buddhism founder ‘Padmasambhava’. Basically, it is a religious festival of Ladakh which attracts the locals as well as foreign tourists. The major attraction of Hemis fest is Cham dance which is performed by monks within their brocade outfits and masks. The birth anniversary of spiritual leader is well celebrated on traditional music of drums and trumpets for two days.


Christmas is one of the most awaiting festivals in the world. It is equally cheerful for elders and children. All the churches are well decorated and Santas are ready with their surprising gifts. All the churches are beautifully decorated and lit up in the auspicious occasion of Lord Jesus birthday. People show their joy and craziness with cake cutting, exchange of gifts and big parties on the day. It is a joyful time in India within winters season, holiday time and extremely closeness to New Year.


It is a popular and prime festival of Sikh community which is celebrated all around the world. Majorly, it is a popular fest of Punjab region. Baisakhi is basically a welcome of harvest season. The local folk dances like Gidhha and Bhangra are perfect way to know about the excitement behind this festival. Baisakhi also has religious significance as the foundation day of Khalsa Panth by tenth Sikh Guru Shri Gobind Singh Ji.

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